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  2. Cloaca du jour

    My 600 lb life

    Its about exploitation...fatties....botched plastic surgery....hoarders...you name it. People are a mess
  3. Women spend their lives seeking the one man who can meet their every want and need. Men spend their lives seeking every woman who can meet their one want and need.
  4. You’re probably right, with him being a double minority and all... But it just blows my mind that someone would fake a hate crime, and then take advantage of an already politically charged environment. It’s beyond fvcked up.
  5. shorepatrol

    Maga crowd

    Who made those laws?
  6. Women aren’t exactly stoked about riding the same d!ck for the rest of their lives, either.
  7. shorepatrol

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    Hope in one hand and sh!t in the other. No consequences breeds this kind of thing. There will be no significant consequences AGAIN. Sickening
  8. How the fock half the country wants this is insane to me.
  9. Is that the gal's puckered azzhole?
  10. RaiderHater's Revenge

    Patriots owner Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution.

    they have a video but its from japan so everything is blurred out
  11. Fireballer

    My 600 lb life

    I had never seen this show until the other day. For some reason, my teen daughters and their friends binge watch this show. What the actual fuk??? These people need to get over blaming other people for being fat. I know these stories are changed to make them intriguing, but damn, all the ones Ive seen the people complain about society not having things to accomodate their fat a$$es or theyre gettjng mad at their family for calling them out. The one on now, the girl flew down to Houston, and her first meal in the hotel was a fukin super size nugget combo from Burger King. JFC people are a mess nowadays.
  12. I already explained it
  13. fandandy

    Dumb credit card question

    A good credit card for you might be a to find one that gives a percent cash back and use it strictly for gas. Pay it off in full each month and it's free money on something that you would buy anyway, plus it saves you from needing to go inside to pay. https://secure.bankofamerica.com/applynow/welcome.go
  14. The PosterFormerlyKnownAs

    Dumb credit card question

    My experience ... We put 90% of our daily spending on credit card, and autopay full amount each month. (We have never used debit cards.) having a high balance can drop your credit score, but once it is paid in full does help increase your credit score. (My swing last month was 100 points, due to an exceptionally large credit card bill.) I’ve never intentionally carried a balance month to month ... don’t want to pay interest and fees. Autopay in full works wonders for that ... the manual process (or old school mailing checks) has much more potential risk IMO. And autopay is processed the day the payment is due ... so if you have funds in an interest bearing account, you benefit there.
  15. Men are genetically programmed to make as many babies with as many women as possible. Women can't process this.
  16. Today
  17. RaiderHater's Revenge

    Patriots owner Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution.

    also love that the MSM is bringing Trump into this lol Trump and Kraft are friends, Kraft gets a happy ending and that of course is orange man bad
  18. naomi

    Dumb credit card question

    I'm not understanding the downside of having the balance paid through autopay. If you wind up losing track of expenses you've made, it's a good idea to interact with the account and do it yourself to keep abreast. But I intend to understand what all is on it and skip the step of signing in and going through the motion. I will check into it, not totally ignore it, but do it when it works for me. It's set to pay the standing balance before it's due by a couple days.
  19. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    AOC and the "Green New Deal"...

    Certainly looks that way. It's like a bunch of morons trying to see who can have the dumbest ideas over there.
  20. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Patriots owner Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution.

    This. Men like strange. It's just how we're wired.
  21. titans&bucs&bearsohmy!

    Patriots owner Kraft charged with soliciting prostitution.

    This. Should be legal. Would be easier to fight the trafficking that way too.
  22. I tell you what, it's been a banner freaking Black history month!
  23. Vikings4ever

    R. Kelly finally charged with sex crimes against underaged girls

    What are the odds that they actually get a conviction this time?
  24. you still think that happened huh? 😲
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