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#6167039 Trump administration dismantles LGBT-friendly policies

Posted by Voltaire on 22 February 2018 - 12:12 PM

I started to read it, but then saw how long it was and suddenly it dawned on me that I don't give a fock about LGBT anything anyway.

#5786584 Kaep will start week 6 for San Fran

Posted by Vikings4ever on 12 October 2016 - 08:56 PM

The Bills should play the National Anthem on every 9ers third down play.

#6109436 Ron hudson

Posted by wiffleball on 19 December 2017 - 05:21 PM

Thank you, His Wife Joyce. With The hundreds of details to which you must attend, taking a moment to let us bunch of morons know of your loss is incredibly generous on your part.

May you find some small measure of comfort in knowing that Ron touched many more people than even you know,than ever you met.

Ron's Final Act is fitting. In That he reminds us all that tomorrow isn't guaranteed, and today is the Very Best Day to love those we love just a little bit more, to hug them just a little bit longer, and to let them know exactly how much they mean in our life.

We should all be so honorable as to leave this as our final gift.

God Bless,

The Geeks

#5883915 I support you MOFO's Daily

Posted by Big Guy on 23 February 2017 - 02:18 PM

I pretty much max out everyday, where's mine?  :dunno:


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#5386570 Demarco Murray - Broken Hand

Posted by Filthy Fernadez on 15 December 2014 - 06:54 PM

If they don't , mail them fresh dog shiiit in a box  :banana:


Mail it?! I'll drive by and shove it in their mail slot. Smear some under their door handles nightly. Put silicon on their windshield wipers and zip ties around their drive shaft (makes clicking noise while car is moving). Break into their house and sh!t in the tank on the toilets (a.k.a. upper decker - every time they flush it gets worse). Throw powdered milk in their yard (stinks and kills grass). 


Then I'll get real creative.    :ninja:

#6212821 Utah teen shamed for wearing 'racist' dress to prom, sparking cultura...

Posted by jerryskids on 01 May 2018 - 09:17 AM

Somebody posted this on her twitter, spot on:



#6079255 Explorer goes missing looking for headhunters....imagine that.

Posted by Voltaire on 15 November 2017 - 10:24 AM

He disagreed with something that ate him.

#5833072 White supremacist movement in US

Posted by mmmmm...beer on 11 December 2016 - 11:15 AM

Wife and I were discussing this the other day.  I think every day white folks who didn't give a sh!t about race were forced to do so the last 8 years.  

They were mocked, blamed, ridiculed, targeted, belittled, etc, not only by the news media, but the entertainment industry jumped on board as well.  If you said something to stick up for yourself or your beliefs, you were automatically  a racist or a bigot.

Just like peoples of color, white folks who are apparently inherently "priveledged" (most white people arn't rich btw) got fockin sick of being torn down every day.

I think the BLM, our President making the police the blame for any race related incident, and the constant media ridicule for being white did the exact opposite all these movements maybe initially had good intentions for.

People will only take so much.  Just like people of color are proud of their heretige, I know many nordic, irish, scottish, etc who are proud of where their people come from and are tired of being treated differently or blamed for some sh!t they had zero to do with because of the color of their skin.

The political correct movement really pushed a lot of folks that didn't care either way, into caring because they've felt attacked or threatened the last several years.

#5599809 Comish changed playoff bracket from 4 teams to 6 four days ago.

Posted by murf74 on 12 December 2015 - 01:31 PM

If it's a money league punch him in the face in front of wife and kids

If it's not for money kick him in the nuts in front of wife and kids.

#6243133 Can we agree on this?

Posted by lickin_starfish on 13 June 2018 - 09:15 AM

Remember that time Scott Pruitt flew pallets of cash to Iran in the dead of night, and all of that Uranium that he sold to Russia?

#6237015 anthem ruling

Posted by VJaye on 05 June 2018 - 01:23 PM

Dad served in Korean, 2 sons served in Iraq and Afghanistan, Uncle killed in Vietnam,  several others around me served and still are. Maybe your the shitbag sirensong, thinking u need a participant trophy for you can get attention. Wasn't about military serving in general, just a guy whos posts I can count on 1 hand saying he was some cold war hero.

Never said I was a "Cold War hero", just mentioned the time period that I sacrificed for & served my country.

I'm a long. long time lurker. Up until now, I really never had any reason to post; all the fantasy football advice and information I've read here has helped me win several championships over the decades (Thank you gentlemen!)

But, when I read a post equating players kneeling to being disrespectful to "all"military -  as a highly-decorated military veteran, I rightfully/respectfully disagree.  That is all ...see no name-calling

#6227496 Let's take a look at UDFA runningbacks

Posted by nobody on 21 May 2018 - 08:51 PM

1 or 2 of these guys will be fantasy relevant.  They always are.  Here are my favorites: 


  1. Lavon Coleman - Texans - Washington - Was really good in 2016 but fell off a cliff.  Guessing he was injured.  Putting him up top because Lamar Miller has been on a downtrend, Foreman is coming off an achilles, and Blue sucks.  Feel like he has the straightest path to carries.
  2. Mike Boone - Vikings - Cincinnati - Explosive back not afraid to run between tackles, but he doesn't cut well.  Think he'll make the team as the RB3.  I really like this guy.
  3. Malik Williams - Falcons - Louisville - I feel like one of these Louisville backs is probably good.  Malik is my favorite of the bunch.  Of course, he has to get some breaks to even make the team fighting with Ito and 2 other UDFA RB's
  4. Detrez Newsome - Chargers - Western Carolina - Feel like there isn't a great deal of real talent behind Gordon.  Ekeler is a change of pace.  That opens the door for Detrez to make the roster.  Then he's probably on the field if Gordon goes down… again
  5. De'Lance Turner - Ravens - Alcorn St - The Ravens only have 3 backs, but they're all probably locks to make the roster.  Not to mention he's got 2 other guys to beat out as UDFA's
  6. Roc Thomas - Vikings - Jacksonville St - The only reason he's not higher is I think he's too small.  He might beat out my man Mike Boone to make the roster and be in line for touches.
  7. Mark Thompson - Ravens - Florida - Another Ravens candidate to make some noise just because they could use a live body.
  8. Akrum Wadley - Titans - Iowa - He'll probably make the roster as a change of pace, but I don't think he'll be more than a 3rd down back.  Ceiling is probably Chris Thompson
  9. Terry Swanson - Texans - Toledo - He's this high on oppurtunity alone.  If Lavon Coleman is toast, there are oppurtunities for Swanson to eat
  10. Darrel Williams - Chiefs - LSU - Not very fast, but he's this high because the Chiefs like to take no name backs and turn them into studs
  11. Justin Crawford - Falcons - West Virginia - We are well into the players that probably won't make the roster now.
  12. Jeff Wilson - 49ers - North Texas - Not a very talented depth chart, and he runs a little upright and doesn't run between the tackles.
  13. Nick Holley - Rams - Kent St - 3rd down back that might make the team as a change of pace
  14. Dontrell Hilliard - Browns - Tulane - Tulane son!  I don't see how he makes the squad though with all of the guys they have.
  15. Demario Richard - Falcons - Arizona St - Maybe he's the best of the 3 UDFA's the Falcons have.
  16. Dimitri Flowers - Jets - Oklahoma - I wouldn't be surprised if he makes the team as a fullback, but he won't do much in that role.  Could also play H-back I suppose
  17. Buddy Howell - Dolphins - FAU - Probably a practice squad guy if he sticks around
  18. Shaun Wilson - Bucanneers - Duke - 3rd down back
  19. Gus Edwards - Ravens - Rutgers - 2-down thumper, but he has some speed
  20. Keith Ford - Bills - Texas A&M - May be a jerk?  Can't see him making the roster
  21. Robert Martin - Giants - Rutgers - With Perkins on IR I can see him making the roster, but he's not as good of a player as Keith Ford in my opinion
  22. Phillip Lindsay - Broncos - Colorado - 3rd down back
  23. Jordan Chunn - Cowboys - Troy - Has a shot as short yardage back on some team that ain't the Cowboys
  24. Reggie Bonnafon - Panthers - Louisville - Physical freak - played QB, WR, and RB. I hope he succeeds somewhere.
  25. Josh Adams - Eagles - Notre Dame - Bruiser with no shake.  He can't beat out Ajayi, Clement, Sproles, but how do they keep Pumphrey over another bruiser when they already have 2 pass catchers
  26. Jarvion Franklin - Steelers - Western Michigan - Long shot to make team
  27. Ryan Nall - Bears - Oregon St - Short Yardage back
  28. Martez Carter - Redskins - Grambling St - Probably a camp body to play the Chris Thompson role when he needs a break
  29. Dalyn Dawkins - Titans - Colorado St - Not in the same neighborhood as Wadley and fighting for the same spot
  30. Ralph Webb - Patriots - Vanderbilt - No way he makes the roster

#6228691 New NFL National Anthem Policy

Posted by fandandy on 23 May 2018 - 11:29 AM

Maybe they'll put a Starbucks in every stadium so the players have somewhere to sit during the anthem.