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In Topic: 70's or 90's Music draft

Today, 08:13 PM

Ruling on a couple things.

1 - do we want this Pickle Character?

2 - Hook Echo ? You going to be here everyday? Don't know who the Fvck you are. Don't want a lame duck owner.

3 - are you faggiddy phags going to draft disco ? :mad:

4 - let Ed play if we get to skip him on weekends ??

Maybe some funk

In Topic: *** 80's Song Draft *** Completed

Today, 08:07 PM

Didnt someone draft London Calling? It was released in 79.

As I recall there were two releases right on the line late late '79 and early '80 in America,reason I think that I wanted Train In Vain so bad but had to look it up.

In Topic: help me settle an internal debate

Today, 06:41 PM

For me I love to drink so it definitely makes gambling more fun,however,it also depends on the gambling,if I have money on a game or just pushing a slot button let the drinks flow.

In Topic: *** 80's Song Draft *** Completed

Today, 06:26 PM

Roxanne is their best song IMO, but it was released in 78.

With a 70's draft up next I put it a little differently to him.

In Topic: *** 80's Song Draft *** Completed

Today, 06:15 PM

I was also surprised that only one police song was picked. Considered Roxanne or message in a bottle a few times.

Nice attempt at throwing everyone off :wink: