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In Topic: Bell - Possible Trade To New NFL Team

Today, 01:04 AM

Steelers aren't going to trade Bell to a rival like the Pats or in their division. NFC is more likely

Hey don’t ever underestimate the Steelers staff these days.

Do I think it will happen, no.

I really think the Seahawks would be a great fit for Bell.

In Topic: Seattle homers- Any updates on Baldwin?

Today, 01:02 AM

but now bye weeks are starting would you consider dropping him to fill gaps ?

Baldwin himself said he won’t be his old self during the offseason because of his injury issue.

I would only keep him if you have the bench space, other wise I would let him go.

In Topic: Rosen named the starter in Zona. Affect on the team?

Today, 12:59 AM

I will buy.

Pride indeed keeps one away from seeing the truth.

You have to buy, you had him pegged has the number pick in a ff draft.


In Topic: D.J. Moore only 4 targets in 3 games

Today, 12:57 AM

No Panthers wr is worth much right now.

Funchess isn’t worth even a flex play.

It’s just the Panthers system.

In Topic: Who are you trying to trade for on the sly?

Today, 12:49 AM

All the best players.