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In Topic: KFC is now selling a log that smells like fried chicken

Yesterday, 10:12 PM

Fuzzy Zoeller.


In Topic: Al Gore 2008 - 75% chance the entire north pole will be ice free in 5-7 years.

Yesterday, 02:21 PM

Loving me some global warming.  32 degrees in middle of December is focking nice.  :thumbsup:

In Topic: Yet another suicide that will lead to a celebration rather than a condemnation

Yesterday, 02:20 PM

I can't see it...

Take a step to the left.  How's that? 

In Topic: Rhymes from the Niger

Yesterday, 01:01 PM

Hickory Dickory Dock, dis white biotch be suckin' my …..

In Topic: Robot impaled man with nearly a dozen footlong spikes...

Yesterday, 12:58 PM

He lived, what a savage. Yes, factory worker in China is the worst. I see many gruesome deaths from work incidents online. Chine period is a death trap. Escalators and elevators eat you alive, random stabbing all the time at Internet cafes, it’s a miracle volty and Titans are alive.


They're both a foot and a half taller than any chink.  They don't dare mess with them.  :bandana: