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#6032400 Who started time?

Posted by jocstrap on 22 September 2017 - 07:54 PM

So everybody across the world has the exact time.  Different time zones of course, but 8:00 in Alabama is 9:00 on eastern time zone then 2:00 in Europe and so on in Asia.  We are all synched together.

So who pushed the button to say start/go?  And when and where?  

#5190925 ***The Official Seattle Seahawks 2013 Season Thread***

Posted by jocstrap on 02 February 2014 - 09:26 PM

You fftoday Seahawks fans deserve this championship!  Congratulations :first:


A team so well balanced with a defense of elite caliber...The offense couldn't be stopped as well tonight. 


I believe the defense of the entire AFC was exposed tonight .  Offenses were inflated b/c the defenses sucked so bad.


Seattle battled through an unbelievable division with SF, ARI, and STL -   All of those teams had championship caliber components.  They all have a piece of the puzzle, but Seattle has the offense and QB to win the big games. 


Pure dominance SEATTLE!  WELL DONE :first:


You diehard Seahawk fans have brought waaaaay tooooo much insight to the SEattle team on this forearm.  Great insight along the whole journey over these past few years.  Well played - most activity - superior enthusiasm - YES




On a side note you seattle fans:  Steve Largent is from Tulsa.  I'm from Tulsa.  He watched me play tennis.  No we are not friends - just have met in passing through the tennis community - yes I've played on the court with him at Shadow Mountain.  Ask him who Joc is...he'll say "yes, he was a tennis player from here. He was pretty much a bad ass.  I think a National Champ in '94.  His wife is feakin' hot as sh!t.  I talked to her the whole time when Joc was in the finals of a doubles pro championship here in Tulsa at Philcrest.  She yapped and yapped and yapped and had no clue who I was...!"

#5118657 Week 6 Official FU thread

Posted by jocstrap on 14 October 2013 - 10:07 AM

Can someone watching please paint me a picture of how the fock Green Bay has only 3 points?


Love your picture!  I used to go home for lunch in high school and watch this guy paint.  He had to be HIGH every time.  I forget his name, but he was awesome!  I don't suppose anybody else caught your hilarious comment about "paint me a picture"!  Well I sure did! 

#5003405 my 1st rd mock draft PPR

Posted by jocstrap on 06 May 2013 - 12:00 PM

Surprised to see Fitz in any top 12.  That said I think he's an excellent value at whatever ADP he settles in at.

Here is why he caught me eye  B)

(Rotoworld) New Cardinals coach Bruce Arians says he's targeting "over 100 catches and 10-15 touchdowns" for Larry Fitzgerald in 2013. Analysis: Reggie Wayne looked washed up before Arians got a hold of him in 2012, and Wayne's career renaissance at age 34 wrapped up with a 106/1,355/12.8/5 line. Fitzgerald is only 29 years old with plenty of good football left. Arians' highly vertical, pass-happy offense and Carson Palmer can help rejuvenate him.

(Rotoworld) Larry Fitzgerald said he is in "prove it mode" this season. Analysis: Fitzgerald posted a 71/798/4 line last year, ranking 42nd among fantasy wideouts. "I'm coming off the most disappointing season of my career," he said. Now that the Cardinals finally have a capable quarterback in Carson Palmer and an aggressive offensive coach in Bruce Arians, Fitzgerald's stock is on the rise. It won't be a surprise if he finishes among the top-12 fantasy wideouts in 2013.