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In Topic: the Trump, Putin presser thread

Today, 11:30 AM

Down playing the latest charges as usual.

no way, you got him now, it's over.
Seriously, if the NRA supporting trump isn't a smoking gun, I don't knows what is

In Topic: 5 words or less, let out your true feelings.

Today, 11:28 AM

I won this thread

In Topic: The biotch slap heard around the world

Today, 10:47 AM

MORE: Putin says we suspect U.S. intelligence officials were involved in channeling $400 million from ...

Yeah, I'm not going to buy off on this one anytime soon.

"Putin suspects.."

"US intelligence funnelled??"

I mean, maybe Hannity and John's like about this? But I can't see any rational human being believing this for a minute. 400 million tends to stand up pretty quickly. And the intelligence community can't stand Hillary.

Makes no sense.

Trump was standing right next to him when he said this? Ho Lee fuk.

yeah they hated her enough to conclude she was innocent way before the interviewing her, granted immunity to her cohorts, allowed them to be in interview, didn't make her take an oath, didn't take notes and changed the wording from gross negligence (criminal) to extremely careless.
Totally couldn't stand that broad.

Put the pipe down fruitcake.

In Topic: When is it appropriate to switch favorite sports teams?

Today, 10:43 AM

2001 :)

In Topic: the Trump, Putin presser thread

Today, 10:26 AM

Did you guys hear ?
Omg huge news, definite end for trump.

The Russians got the NRA to switch their support from Hillary to trump!!!

Have to credit wiff with breaking this groundbreaking, earth shattering impeachment leading to news.

Great job wiff. Credit where credit is due.