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In Topic: Cowboys talk

Today, 01:21 PM

Amari to cowboys for a 1st

Just saw the alert...

In Topic: Bengals at Chiefs: In-Game Discussion

Today, 12:36 PM

Bengals are a fraud.  Dirtiest team in the league bar none.  Possibly worst HC in the league as well.  

In Topic: Jags D. Anyone sitting/dropping them?

Today, 12:31 PM

weird season for defenses.  offensive output is so high it's been hard to get a consistent defense.  The Jags were pretty much consensus #1 DST and they've been putrid for 3 weeks.  You can't even blame the offense/Bortles for the sh!tshow against the Cowboys last week, because the defense still got shredded.  


Preseason top 3 looked like Jags, Eagles and Vikings and none of those are even in the top 5 currently in FF scoring.  I've abandoned all hope of consistent ownership of a DST and am just streaming week to week.  

In Topic: Monday Night, Giants @ Falcons, what do you need?

Today, 12:10 PM

I need Saquon to stay healthy.  That is all.  

In Topic: Andy Reid and Kareem Hunt

Today, 12:10 PM

I would look electric in that backfield with the arsenal of weapons around him spreading the field.  :banana:  


Seriously, he's looked great and Andy is currently pushing all the buttons all the right way.