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In Topic: Mike Tomlin needs to go

Today, 11:12 AM

Was sitting behind the Steelers bench, lots of Pittsburgh fans in the stands couldn't believe this. Just figured dude was hurt and couldn't do it. Then he came back in lol.

Thought Tomlin could've handled the clock better on the Raiders final drive. At the very least call a timeout and set that last FG up.

He had two.  If everything played out the same (not assuming it would, just saying) he could have had over a minute left with his offense.  You can stop the clock on offense anytime by spiking, you can't on defense.  Horrible coaching, just horrible.  

In Topic: Best of the rag-tag WR bunch

Today, 11:02 AM

Sounds like you are facing Newton and McCaffrey in your fantasy playoffs this week!

No.  I own McCaffrey in one league and am counting on him this week.  In another, providing I advance, I would probably face him vs the best team in that league. I just saw what happened to AJ Green and saw how Andrew Luck and his shoulder injury played out for over a full season.  If I were GM and couldn't make the playoffs, I'm sitting him.  

In Topic: Mike Tomlin needs to go

Today, 12:16 AM

I did not know the Steelers have 5 picks in the first 3 rounds of next years draft ! Wow !


They will have their own three, but got one for the Martavis Bryant trade to Oakland and should get another 3rd rounder for Le'Veon leaving.  So, i guess technically they don't have it yet...but should get it. 

In Topic: Consistency key to winning.....................

Today, 12:15 AM

I digest a lot of draft information in pre-season, but I do so with my twist on things.  I was all-in on players like McCaffrey and Kittle, After going back and watching some footage, i was all in Saquon and took him ahead of Kamara, Hunt, Cook, Fournette and Gordon in my work league  Then I started praying that McCaffrey would fall to me in the 2nd and sure enough he did.  But for hitting on those two, I delayed at WR and missed badly on Baldwin this year in multiple leagues.  I missed Theilen by 1 pick (taken just ahead of Baldwin) and stupidly took Baldwin with Cooks, Woods and JuJu (who I criminally underrated) still on the board.  There's no rhyme or reason, just things I read and gut instinct.  If I take Cooks or Woods instead of Baldwin I'm likely having a MUCH better season.  Bottom line...


It's a good part educated guessing and lots of luck.  

In Topic: Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Kareem Hunt, Chiefs

Today, 12:03 AM

Damn, was hoping the analysis included "hits the holes" for the free quote manipulation post.

Yeah, or "Runs angry, once in gear he has quite a kick"