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Rookie RBs that may b there end 3rd

20 June 2018 - 06:18 PM

I've read up on a few rookie RBs the "experts" like. I've listened to podcasts. I'm merely trying to explore all avenues to get a few more opinions on guys. I'm in a 10 team, 2 Keeper PPR league, and we get to keep players for 3 years unless drafted as a rookie, then a bonus 4th year option kicks in, so if we draft rookies we can have them for 5 years(the year we draft him and 4 times kept), so rookies are at a premium!
So, obviously we hope we hit!!
I pick 9th this year. Commish has not sent out the keeper spreadsheet yet this season, so Im not exactly sure who had to get thrown back In , but picking at the back of our first round(essentially the 3rd Round, since 20 players are kept) it won't really matter who goes back in, because they most likely won't be there. I have David Johnson and Melvin Gordon as my keepers and I believe this is my last year for both, so I need to get players that will pan out and not be TOTAL busts(Jeremy Hill got me a couple of years ago). I'm hoping Mixon(current Mixon owner very well may toss him back) slides to me, but if not, I'm wonder if Ronald Jones or Sony Michelle might.
Does anyone have any insights or gut feelings about those guys?!?

Again, just kind of floating around inquiries for inital thoughts an opinions!

Can't wait for the season!!

WR assistance- Diggs/M. Jones

22 December 2017 - 05:40 AM

It's a PPR league. Both players have good match ups. Both are on teams with dang good offenses, so that's not really a deal breaker either way. My concerns are these:: Diggs yardage hasn't been there for most of the year-he's either a TD or I'm only getting around 3or 4 catches for 30-50 yards. Not really gonna cut it when there's almost 2 grand riding on my win!! Also, BOTH players games could easily be up 3 TDs by halftime, limiting the need for throwing a bunch. It's also gonna be stupid cold in GB, so that also limits the passing game for Diggs(traditionally). Cinci is without their really good corners, and they don't seem to be playing very hard right now, so does Detroit get up quick and start running the ball?

Who has the better potential for fantasy points?

Who would you start if it were your team????? Diggs  or Jones?!?!?!

I hate making decisions. It's almost always the wrong one! I want this title! I want that trophy!! Lol!

Who ya like at Flex?

20 December 2017 - 06:58 PM


Woods has the better match up, Shepard will see some of Peterson, but he and Engram are about the only show in town for the Giants.
I'm leaning Woods though, as his production seemed to pick up pretty much where it left off.

Whaddya think? Am I missing on a strategy, obvious or otherwise??
Who would you start if it were YOUR team!?!?!?!?!

Any advice or input is definitely appreciated!!

RB assistance-Standard league

19 November 2017 - 10:58 AM

Start 1 out of Mixon, Martin or Latavious. Standard league, no bonuses. Just yards and tds. My other RB is Fournette, whom I'm starting since he's active. I guess I gotta figure my RBs are not gonna do well today, unless I'm missing a strategy!
Anybody wanna put in 2 cents and tell me who you would go with if it were YOUR team?!?!

Good thing I have AB in that league! He might save my week with that crazy night !!

QB assistance

12 November 2017 - 09:54 AM

They both are highly ranked this week. I think Dez is gonna play? Ive been rolling with Dak most of the year, but Stafford has a juicy match up. Is this a trap game, where Stafford has been playing REALLY well in his last few games, but then poops himself when he gets an extremely good match up? That's my fear here. I've not been playing him while he's been on fire, then start him against an inferior opponent when he SHOULD light it up and he puts up a dud.

Anybody see a stinker coming or should I start him over Dak with confidence?

Any help or advice is appreciated! Thanks!