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In Topic: When is it appropriate to switch favorite sports teams?

Today, 03:25 PM

Some states dont have home teams.

I was born in OK when there were 0 pro sports teams.

Back then, you got TV games from the most popular teams. - Cowboys, Dolphins, Steelers, Yankees, Dodgers, Celtics, Lakers, etc

Plus, wherever we lived, we felt compelled to root for players who were either born in OK or played college ball at OU, OSU or Tulsa

Mantle, Murcer, Maravich, Bench, Sims, Sanders, Aikman, Largent, Selmon, Stargell, etc.

When we moved to VA, there was no baseball team there so we stuck with the Yankees. We also stuck with the Cowboys even though the Redskins had us surrounded.

For a time, we followed the Bullets since we got to see a few games. But we mostly rooted for the Celtics and Maryland and VA in college hoops.

As an adult, when I moved to Chicago, I got free Cubs tickets all the time, so I became a fan. That coincided with the Yanks signing of A-Rod.

I will still watch the Yanks and root for them, but Im really more into the Cubs now.

In Topic: When is it appropriate to switch favorite sports teams?

Today, 03:13 PM

When your team signs A-Rod or TO

In Topic: Kate Upton is going to get fat

Today, 01:25 PM

Anna Nicole II

In Topic: ***American History Draft***

Today, 11:30 AM

Is this the same James Oglethorpe as 106.2, the founder of Georgia colony or is it a relative?


Anne Hutchinson - Colonial

Anne Hutchinson was a Puritan spiritual adviser, mother of 15, and an important participant in the Antinomian Controversy which shook the infant Massachusetts Bay Colony from 1636 to 1638

In Topic: ***American History Draft***

Today, 06:29 AM

James Oglethorpe - Colonial

James Oglethorpe was a colonist who was famous as a social reformer, philanthropist and humanitarian who was the leader of the Georgia Colony.

Susan LaFlesche - Native American

First Native American physician