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Importing past scoring

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#1 Huskerfangary


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Posted 21 August 2018 - 07:18 AM

Hi there, we have an unusual scoring system so any rankings from other sights don't work very well.


The good news is I have the last 3 years final points for each player in excel format.


Can I import that into FFBuddy some how?



#2 Mike MacGregor

Mike MacGregor

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Posted 21 August 2018 - 08:39 AM

Hi Gary. I suppose you could. You would use Projection Pal and import this data into the custom fields on each positions tab - Custom 1, 2 and 3. Let me know if you need more details about using Pal and the custom fields.


However, Draft Buddy includes stats the prior 3 years for all players. If you go to the QB tab, scroll a bit to the right and notice the two "+" signs near the top. Those are hiding some columns. I think by memory it is the second one, click that, and then columns will appear showing the calculated fantasy points for not only 2018 projections, but also 2015-2017 stats.


Did you want to show these points on the "-notes" cheatsheets?

#3 Huskerfangary


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Posted 23 August 2018 - 09:46 AM

Thanks for your response.  I think you missed the point.  For example, we play 2 qb's so we draft 14-18 qb's in the first 24 picks.  Really!


So, the prior 3 year stats in draft buddy do me no good.  Or any other scoring system for that matter.


BUT, I do have our stats from the last 3 years that I can try to import.  Having trouble loggin in at the moment.

#4 Mike MacGregor

Mike MacGregor

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Posted 23 August 2018 - 10:06 AM

Okay. Your login shouldn't change from the time your purchased. We keep member access to the download folder open all preseason.


Even with the 2 QB setup, Draft Buddy will calculate the projected points - or points scored in prior years - if you input your league scoring on the scoring tab. In terms of 2 QB, you can specify 2 QB starters (and other settings) on the rules tab. I would probably change the overall ranking method on the options tab from "Draft Pick Recommended" to "Median Player Drafted". Then hit Compile Cheatsheets and the points / rankings are updated everywhere to reflect your league.

Or import the prior year points as discussed to show them in the custom fields.

#5 Huskerfangary


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Posted 23 August 2018 - 10:44 AM

I figured it out so I'm in.  Thanks.

and thanks again for the help.  We actually drafted 21 out of 26 qb's in the first 2 rounds.  3 rb's, and 2 wr's.


So, I set everything up but the proposed draft picks are not even close.  How can I weigh it more heavily for qb's?


For example, here is our draft from last year.  Many teams pick qb 1st and 2nd pick.


Round 1

1.  RUNNING REBELS   -   Tom Brady  QB, NWE

2.  DIRTY DOZEN   -   Aaron Rodgers QB, GNB

3.  BUCS   -   Drew Brees  QB, NOR

4.  Mudheads   -   David Johnson  RB, ARI

5.  HEAD SKINS   -   Le'Veon Bell  RB, PIT

6.  STAYIN ON TOP   -   Antonio Brown  WR, PIT

7.  69ERS   -   Matt Ryan  QB, ATL

8.  Green Bay Muds   -   Derek Carr  QB, OAK

9.  Win   -   Kirk Cousins  QB, WAS

10.  ESPN HIGHLIGHTS   -   Eli Manning  QB, NYG

11.  Stinky Pinky   -   Russell Wilson  QB, SEA

12.  SMB  -   Marcus Mariota  QB, TEN

13.  Husker Nation   -   Jameis Winston  QB, TAM


Round 2

1.  Husker Nation   -   Dak  Prescott  QB, DAL

2.  SMB  -   Cam Newton  QB, CAR

3.  Stinky Pinky   -   Ben Roethlisberger QB, PIT

4.  ESPN HIGHLIGHTS   -   DeMarco Murray  RB, TEN

5.  Win   -   Brandin Cooks  WR, NWE

6.  Green Bay Muds   -   Andrew Luck  QB, IND

7.  69ERS   -   Philip Rivers  QB, LAC

8.  STAYIN ON TOP   -   Matthew Stafford  QB, DET

9.  HEAD SKINS   -   Andy Dalton  QB, CIN

10.  Mudheads   -   Carson Palmer  QB, ARI

11.  BUCS  -   Alex Smith  QB, KAN

12.  DIRTY DOZEN   -   Carson  Wentz  QB, PHI

13.  RUNNING REBELS   -   Joe Flacco  QB, BAL


Round 3

1.  RUNNING REBELS   -   Julio Jones  WR, ATL

2.  DIRTY DOZEN  -   Odell Beckham Jr.  WR, NYG

3.  BUCS  -   Melvin Gordon  RB, LAC

4.  Mudheads   -   Jordy Nelson  WR, GNB

5.  HEAD SKINS   -   A.J. Green  WR, CIN

6.  STAYIN ON TOP   -   Devonta Freeman  RB, ATL

7.  69ERS  -   Mike Evans  WR, TAM

8.  Green Bay Muds   -   Ezekiel  Elliott  RB, DAL

9.  Win   -   LeSean McCoy  RB, BUF

10.  ESPN HIGHLIGHTS   -   Sam Bradford  QB, MIN

11.  Stinky Pinky   -   Jay Ajayi  RB, MIA

12.  SMB   -   Michael  Thomas  WR, NOR

13.  Husker Nation   -   Jordan  Howard  RB, CHI

Round 4

1.  Husker Nation   -   Amari Cooper  WR, OAK

2.  SMB  -   Dez Bryant  WR, DAL

3.  Stinky Pinky   -   Doug Baldwin  WR, SEA

4.  ESPN HIGHLIGHTS   -   Tyreek Hill  WR, KAN

5.  Win   -  Travis Kelce  TE, KAN

6.  Green Bay Muds   -   Christian McCaffrey  RB, CAR

7.  69ERS   -   Kareem Hunt  RB, KAN

8.  STAYIN ON TOP  -   Jay Cutler  QB, MIA

9.  HEAD SKINS   -   Todd Gurley  RB, LAR

10.  Mudheads   -   Dalvin Cook  RB, MIN

11.  BUCS   -   Terrelle Pryor  WR, WAS

12.  DIRTY DOZEN  -   Rob Gronkowski  TE, NWE

13.  RUNNING REBELS   -   T Y Hilton  WR, IND


Round 5

1.  RUNNING REBELS   -   Lamar Miller  RB, HOU

2.  DIRTY DOZEN   -   Isaiah Crowell  RB, CLE

3.  BUCS   -   Marshawn Lynch  RB, OAK

4.  Mudheads   -   Keenan Allen  WR, LAC

5.  HEAD SKINS   -   Tyrod Taylor  QB, BUF

6.  STAYIN ON TOP   -   Demaryius Thomas  WR, DEN

7.  69ERS   -   Leonard Fournette  RB, JAC

8.  Green Bay Muds  -   Davante Adams  WR, GNB

9.  Win   -  Carlos Hyde  RB, SFO

10.  ESPN HIGHLIGHTS   -   DeSean Jackson  WR, TAM

11.  Stinky Pinky   -   Joe Mixon  RB, CIN

12.  SMB   -   C.J. Anderson  RB, DEN

13.  Husker Nation   -   DeAndre Hopkins WR, HOU


Round 6

1.  Husker Nation   -   Ameer Abdullah  RB, DET

2.  SMB   -   Ty Montgomery  RB, GNB

3.  Stinky Pinky   -   Martavis Bryant  WR, PIT

4.  ESPN HIGHLIGHTS   -   Golden Tate  WR, DET

5.  Win   -   Ted Ginn Jr.  WR, NOR

6.  Green Bay Muds   -   Michael Crabtree  WR, OAK

7.  69ERS  -   Kelvin Benjamin  WR, CAR

8.  STAYIN ON TOP   -   Randall Cobb  WR, GNB

9.  HEAD SKINS   -   Alshon Jeffery  WR, PHI

10.  Mudheads   -   Doug Martin  RB, TAM

11.  BUCS   -  Mike Gillislee  RB, NWE

12.  DIRTY DOZEN   -   Robert Kelley  RB, WAS

13.  RUNNING REBELS   -  Jarvis Landry  WR, MIA




#6 Mike MacGregor

Mike MacGregor

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Posted 23 August 2018 - 01:31 PM

Who won the league last year?

#7 Huskerfangary


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Posted 24 August 2018 - 11:06 AM

Head Skins and 69'ers was a close 2nd.  Neither had a great draft I don't think.  Plus we allow trades and there were quite a few trades during the season.


I think Gurley was a big surprise for Head Skins.  Our league also rewards big time for longer touchdowns.  So, an 80 yard touchdown is worth like 40 points.


I tinkered around with baseline adjust factor on the Options tab and I got it to project 17 out of 24 picks for qb's in the first 2 rounds.

#8 Mike MacGregor

Mike MacGregor

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Posted 24 August 2018 - 01:42 PM

Okay, they got Gurley, but I was curious because that team in particular really underwhelmed at QB in the draft. Took 2 in the first 6 rounds but waited to the 2nd (Dalton) and then 5th (Tyrod Taylor). Otherwise started Lev Bell, A.J. Green, Gurley, Alshon.


69ers started 2 QB with Ryan - who way underperformed - and Rivers - who was fine. Then grabbed Evans, Hunt, Fournette. Don't you think it was the Hunt-Fournette that helped him finish 2nd more than the QBs?


My point being, I agree it sure seems like guys in our league love to draft quarterbacks early... but is that the best way to go? If the QB you are thinking about drafting isn't a big difference maker compared to others available, wouldn't it be wise to get a better RB or WR, and then a lesser name but still competent w/ job security QB, later?


Glad you checked out the baseline adjustments, that is probably the best way to put more weight or less to whatever position you like.

#9 Huskerfangary


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Posted 24 August 2018 - 02:49 PM

dadgumit, you're messing with my theory!  haha, just kidding.


Ya, he won the league because Gurley was 2nd most points in our league and WAY over performed.  Plus he had La'evon Bell.


Here's the top 30 point getters:  See how much the QB's score?  But looking at the "lack" of good RB's this year I'm gonna take a RB either first or second pick thanks to your advice.  Nice chatting with you and I love drafting with your program!


Alex Smith QB KAN 468 Todd Gurley RB LAR 434 Matthew Stafford QB DET 398 Russell Wilson QB SEA 382 Philip Rivers QB LAC 380 Carson Wentz QB PHI 380 Tom Brady QB NWE 363 Jared Goff QB LAR 355 Kareem Hunt RB KAN 355 Kirk Cousins QB WAS 324 Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT 324 Tyreek Hill WR KAN 322 Le'Veon Bell RB PIT 302 Alvin Kamara RB NOR 302 Greg Zuerlein K LAR 301 Robbie Gould K SFO 294 DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU 287 Drew Brees QB NOR 281 Matt Bryant K ATL 281 Harrison Butker K KAN 279 Justin Tucker K BAL 278 Antonio Brown WR PIT 277 Leonard Fournette RB JAC 275 Melvin Gordon RB LAC 274 Mark Ingram RB NOR 271 Jacoby  Brissett QB IND 268 Stephen Gostkowski K NWE 268 Derek Carr QB OAK 257 LeSean McCoy RB BUF 257 Chris Boswell K PIT 256



#10 Mike MacGregor

Mike MacGregor

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Posted 24 August 2018 - 08:01 PM

Ha ha. Anytime, good chatting, and have a great draft :thumbsup: