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#5017757 ColoWeirDo stories

Posted by BunnysBastatrds on 10 June 2013 - 11:37 AM

 We have drive-thru Daiquiri bars here. You can get a 24 ounce Jack and coke and drive home.  The law states that you can't have the straw in the cup while you're driving. Most people just have extra straws in the car.  

#5015073 Obamacare's Death Panels--They're Here!

Posted by BunnysBastatrds on 06 June 2013 - 12:30 AM

You're missing the point. Insurance companies make these decisions every day and have for a century, not based on medicine or the value of human life, but on dollars and cents. They've been permitted to do so by big government which has looked the other way as the system has rum amok.

It's easy to snipe from afar. I'm elbows deep in this world every single day as a patient advocate. I'd like to see everyone get the best care available. But the reality is that in some cases, the best, most prudent decision is to make what remains of a life as comfortable as possible, not take extraordinary measures to prolong the suffering of people with almost no chance of survival. And we're not splitting hairs here. Children in her condition stand about a 1% chance of surviving a year, while recipients across the board are surviving at a near 90% rate under the UNOS system.

The UNOS system gives extremely valuable organs to those that have the best chance of survival. It's not like there are plenty to go around; quite the contrary. Inarguable numbers have been posted in two transplant related threads the last couple days showing the desperate need for donors. A recent study shows that over 90% of Americans believe in transplantation; about 30% are registered donors.

The surgery involves cutting the patient from armpit to armpit, through the sternum, and basically opening them like a flip phone. It is the least successful of all transplant surgeries, partially because of the intricate operation of the lungs themselves, partly because of the toll the surgery and recovery takes on sick but fairly healthy bodies. Rejection rates run high, and that's while consuming dozens of pills that are essentially a toxic cocktail that nobody should be ingesting. But transplant recipients... at least those who are strong and healthy aside from their respiratory disorder... are doing much better than just a few years ago.

I'm 6'7 (used to 6'8), played D1 basketball and swam at a nationally competitive level. I was 46 when listed; still young enough that the lack of O2 hadn't ravaged my other organs. I waited 4 years for the most painful thing you could imagine. Not only the surgery, but acclimating your body to the non-stop pills, the pulmonary rehab, the lifestyle adjustments, the psychological aspect of living because another has died. Mine is a success story yet, ironically, I was late to the thread because I spent today in the hospital having a bronchoscopy because of a recent drop in lung function. That's followed by a 3 day run of solumedrol, an IV steroid in huge doses that will leave me sleepless and on the verge of manic behavior for the next few days. And that's a GREAT result.

A 10 year old CF patient who is already in such dire straits would need multiple miracles just to get out of the operating room.

It's not someone or some entity capriciously deciding who lives or dies, and it won't be that in the future. But when you've got 5 viable organs and 50 people that need them to survive, how do you decide? Whose story makes you go "Aaaaahhh..." the quickest? Who makes you feel saddest when you see them on tv?

Those erroneously attributing this to ObamaCare and running with this story are the first ones on this bored to preach about making tough decisions based on the reality of the situation, making cuts where they must be made, proper allocation of funds and spending controlled by common sense, and following the letter of long established, long proven efficacious law. And that's just what's happening here. Again, it's an incredibly sad story about a defenseless child. I don't blame her family for challenging anything they can and fighting to the end. But all fights don't turn out the way we would emotionally like them to. And sometimes even when they don't, it doesn't mean it's because the bad guys won.

Just curious: do you have an advanced directive/living will? Many people make the conscious decision that, should their demise be imminent, that they would rather go with what dignity remains rather than taking extraordinary to preserve their existence; it's no longer a life. The difference here is that the situation involves a child. That's all.



 I'm ready to go if that is my fate. I made some bad choices in life and that is that. What bothers me is the goverment, a non-existent heathcare entity deciding my fate beyond what I can control. I realize the HI can do so also. But at least I had a choice before.  

#5010834 Have you ever been caught doin' it?

Posted by BunnysBastatrds on 28 May 2013 - 01:15 PM

 I got drunk once and decided it would be a good idea to go to my parents house and sleep in my old room. I was dating this coonass chick and she decided she wanted me to talk dirty to her that night. So I say all the usual things most do when they talk dirty. Call her a slutwhorebitch. Spank her and tell her what a crazy ass nutjob she is and then come on her ankles. So this goes on for awhile and at some point she goes to the bathroom and comes back quickly. Coonass: There's an old couple standing in the bathroom. She's crying and he's pissed off about something. Who are they? Me: My parents best friends from Texas. I forgot they were coming to town. They're staying in the guest room next door. The last time I saw them I was ten. They bought me a bicycle. They used to tell me I was the sweetest kid in the world. Now they're listening to me pound and humiliate you from the next room. Slut. 

#4959756 Neighbor got taken by the bro-jammers

Posted by BunnysBastatrds on 07 February 2013 - 02:57 PM

Can you post a diagram for that?  I'm having trouble with the visuals.

Your hallway doesn't have a doorknobs? Who do they get out?

#4750347 My Shed Is Filled Wth Hundreds Of Black Widow Spiders

Posted by BunnysBastatrds on 11 May 2012 - 12:14 PM

You wouldn't let a pregnant black widow suck your cack for a Heineken.

Now, the babies of a black widow are putting the hurt on your drunk ass.



I ended up getting bit by a couple of the babies on my arm and leg. I called Louisiana poison control and they told me to take a cold bath in epssom salt and wait and see if the bite marks get bigger. I also have this miracle medicine called ST37. It does wonders for scrapes, bruises, and bites. I'm going to live.

The guy at poison control could tell I was drunk. He was a redneck from Shreveport and had a thick drawl. Redneck PC: How did you come into contact with a black widow egg? Me: I was in my shed and noticed about twenty small cotton ball looking nests above a web I hadn't noticed before. Redneck PC: And you thought it would be a good a idea to knock em down and stomp on em didn't you? Do you know it's getting warmer outside? That means they were ready to hatch. You sure a lucky (he said lucky like he wanted to say stoopid) son. How much you had to drink tonight son? Me: I've got a few left from a twelve pack. What do I do now. I've got three cans of hornet spray left. Can I go in there all rambo style and take them all out? Those nests are right above the washer and dryer. The Mrs isn't going back in there untill I do something about those b!tches. Redneck PC: Put on some gloves and a long sleeve shirt. Go ahead and get yourself an umbrella if they are on the ceiling. You can use if for a shield in case the babies start falling on you. Hornrt spray will kill them but you gotta soak em. Wait a day or two and then knock em down with a broom and an umbrella. Me: Thank you sir. I'm going for it tomorrow night. Wish me luck. Redneck PC: OK then.

I googled black widow eggs. There can be up to four hundred babies per egg. Holy sh!t!   :shocking:

#4034061 Pabst Blue Ribbon

Posted by BunnysBastatrds on 27 August 2009 - 10:23 PM


If you are twelve. And Blue Velvet is playing! " Fawk Henican!! Pabst Blue Ribbon!!!"