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19 June 2017 - 08:10 AM

Orphan - Update

We posted 351 orphans yesterday and we are down to 104:


Tins ($40) - 12

Copper ($66) - 44

Bronze ($118) - 39

Silver ($267) - 6

Gold ($545) - 3


These are still very strong orphans and will continue to sell, a quick perusal shows a Tin team with Luck/M Thomas, Zeke/Reed, Howard/Thomas, Coppers with Gordon/Thomas, Bell/Hilton, Gordon/Gronk Bronzes with Bryant /Henry, Luck/Beckham, Silver with Nelson/Gronk and a Gold With Rodgers/Freeman - remember just because a team might have j Jones on it doesnt mean I always post J Jones, you need to look at the roster to actually see all of the assets.


We have over 5000 dynasty franchises, we posted all of the orphans yesterday, when these last 104 sell we will be completely renewed, that is pretty dam good.