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Today, 10:26 AM

1.  Many people use AR's for home defense.  I'm going to venture you'd be amazed at how many people do.
2.  I don't have any locks on my AR's, shotgun or handgun.  Doesn't do me much good if it's locked up and I need it.  I don't have kids, BTW.
3.  I would argue it's exactly what the founders/framers had in mind.  And armed society helps keep the government from runaway power.
All that's needed to control the population is to disarm them.  The framers just finished defeating a tyrant and were pretty adamant about keeping that from happening again.
I'll fully concede that if I were to use a firearm to commit a mass murder, it would be an AR15 and not my deer rifle.  For exactly the same reasons you said.  It's lighter, more portable, magazine fed, reliable and if used by someone who knows what they are doing, extremely accurate, even in semi auto mode.

We are well beyond being able tbdefend from a tyrant. Your AR won't do squat for you.
Again...nobody is disarming you....

In Topic: Active shooter in Colorado

Today, 09:37 AM

Well, we seem to come to this impasse of...well, its difficult to do...so lets do nothing.

And I just don't accept that.

I don't know the answer yet...but doing nothing seems irresponsible.

In Topic: Is Tom Brady the biggest baby in the NFL?

Today, 09:23 AM

yeah - so keeping on topic with belligerent name calling...


you Pats-complainers are a buncha' whiny, cry-baby douches and it's a sign of how far society has fallen because this loser attitude is more widespread and accepted than ever... it's shameful really how much you poosays cry about NE - even right now, you're "crying about Brady crying" - from the tuck rule to spy-gate, to deflate-gate, to "ineligible" receivers, to Tom Brady, to Bill Belichick, you are the biggest buncha' sad-sack loser fans out there.


You know who the biggest whiner ever was at QB? Dan Marino. And back then, the loser Pats fans hated him - hated the Dolphins - hated their success  - and NE fans would always rail against Danny-boy's tantrums, fits, and whining... Danny was the John Mcenroe of football.

But here's the way is was before the wussification of America took over, before everyone was allowed to cry, be offended, sue if their coffee was too hot, yell "no fair" everytime they lost, and whine that flukes, cheap calls, and special treatment was why their team lost even if it was for FIFTEEN STRAIGHT YEARS (yes, you douches have been crying for nearly 2 decades now). With Danny, someone with some intelligence and groundedness would look at those complaining about Danny boy and call them out on it - tell them to simply shut up bc Marino was arguably the best ever and what you perceived as "whining" was "passion" and "competitiveness".


I've told you turds this before but it's worth repeating - when history looks back on this era of NE and Brady/Belichick, all your whining and obsessing about them is only putting them even higher up on the pantheon of football legends - for 15 years, the football world ebbed and flowed with the New England Patriots - the football world was glued to every move they made, every game they played and the fanbases across the country were constantly in a fervor over them.


Saying grow up with his reaction to things is namecalling?

How is it belligerent?  My point was he was calling others childish and belligerent while calling people idiots, 12 year olds, and responding "fock you" to anyone who disagreed with him after that game.


Dan was a whiner...Peyton does...Rodgers does.  They all do...they all want the calls.

But right now its not close...Brady is a constant complainer and gets away with yelling at the refs...not just asking for a call, but downright yelling at them far more than any other QB.

In Topic: Active shooter in Colorado

Today, 09:21 AM




I think there is some significant deficiency in your understanding of some weapons.  So maybe I can help. And I mean that with sincerity.


1.  The VAST (99+%) majority of firearms owned by private citizens are NOT FULL AUTO.  These guns shoot just like any other handgun/rifle/shotgun (that you don't want to take away).  One press of the trigger, fires one round.  The trigger must be released and squeezed again to fire another round.  It operates exactly the same way my Squirrel rifle works.  There is NO difference in operation, speed, capacity, etc. 


Ex:  My squirrel/small game rifle: http://images.rockwe...er/10-22-RB.jpg


My home defense rifle (this is not mine...but similar):  http://www.gungearus...g-caafga_ii.jpg


Interesting NOTE: They both fire the EXACT same caliber round. 


2.  No, my home defense firearm is an AR15.  My handgun and shotgun are secondary/other rooms.  This is because of its exceptional accuracy and light weight and ability to hold accessories such as a flashlights, lasers, additional grips, etc.  It also has considerably more stopping power than a handgun.  My home defense AR15 has the EXACT same ammo capacity as my home defense handgun.

I use a 20 round magazine for my AR15 and my handgun holds 19, plus 1 in the chamber.


AR Magazine: http://cdn.atlantict...verarms_201.jpg

Springfield XDm 9mm Magazine: http://sgcusa.com/me...ine_A.large.jpg



3.  AR15's are used for hunting quite frequently.  In many states use of one is legal for Deer Hunting.  My state is one of them.  Many others use them on their farms to protect livestock from coyotes/fox, etc.  Others use them to protect crops from prairie dogs and other underground rodents who damage fields.  Yes, they are used very frequently to help limit the wild boar population in the southern states (which is getting rather out of control BTW). 


The primary reason they are used for smaller targets, such as coyotes, etc?

Their accuracy and lower power round than say a more common Deer Hunting rifle.


Here is an an AR15 cartridge next to a common deer hunting cartridge (AR15 vs 30-06): http://3.bp.blogspot...600/223-308.jpg


The AR round is on the left.  The hunting round is on the right.


The AR round is MUCH less powerful.  In fact the round on the right was used in the US military's primary infantry rifle during WWII (The M1 Garand).  It is well known the the M1 Garand could shoot German's hiding BEHIND trees because it would simply go right through the tree and kill the soldier. 

The AR round typically struggles to get more than about 4" of penetration on a tree.


Nobody freaks out about the 30-06 hunting rifle though.

I can tell you personally I'd rather have someone shooting at me with an AR15 than a 30-06 (if I had to choose, obviously).


1.  I never said anything about full auto.  In succession quickly can mean semi auto and with a high capacity magazine.

2.  You may be one of the few I have heard who said they would use the AR for home defense.  I certainly would think you would be in the very small minority that would have things like handguns and shot guns and would chose the AR.

3.  Used in hunting...my point is why?  Why is there a need for a high capacity magazine to hunt a focking deer?  Again, I get controlling populations of things is an issue...but I would believe other rifles would work just fine in that capacity.  You don't hear complaining about a 30-06 because how many are used in mass killings?  How easy is it to pull into a crowded area and start firing off multiple rounds vs that of the AR?  That is the point.



Parrot...Im talking more the semi-auto with a high capacity magazine...firing off multiple rounds in quick succession (not full auto...never claiming this)...does not seem like an accurate way for 99% of the people out there to shoot.

Also was talking more from the perspective of self defense.  Bringing a rifle to your shoulder vs a handgun or even a shot gun seems to be a less efficient means of protecting yourself.  how many people are keeping an AR under the bed with proper locks vs. easily getting to their hand gun?  I think BLS would be in a very very small minority.


And yes...ARs are very fun...and may have use.  I am just going with the constitutional argument that I don't believe that is the type of thing the framers had in mind.  The design of that weapon is to kill and be able to fire multiple shots pretty quickly.  

In Topic: Active shooter in Colorado

Today, 08:24 AM

I don't think its a tired argument...given the founding fathers were writing it at a time of muskets or cannons.


Again...have your hunting rifles, shot guns, even concealed handguns.

I have zero interest in taking them away.

I don't even care if you stockpile ammo (though, having no way to track the complete nuts who do this is a bit scary...but such is life).


My concern is high capacity magazines in rifles that can squeeze off rounds in succession so quickly.  What legit use is there for this?  Its my understanding these are some of the worst weapons as far as home protection...they are not necessarily as accurate so they are not typical hunting weapons.


Other than...hey, its fun to shoot them (and I have done so...it is very fun)...what legit use is there?  Educate me.  (and not with the wild pig in texas excuse...that is going to be a very limited use isn't it?)