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In Topic: Father of Manchester bomber arrested in Tripoli

Today, 06:07 PM

Yes, and keeping those UK Muslims out of the United States is what Trump is trying to accomplish.  HTH

He is trying to keep the U.K. ones out?

Nothing Trump has proposed would keep a guy who was born here from pulling such an attack.

In Topic: Newbie admits to using alias while banned....

Today, 05:52 PM

Ummm....so what?

In Topic: Father of Manchester bomber arrested in Tripoli

Today, 04:54 PM

He's trying to put a stop this but the clowns in the 9th district court don't care for the safety of americans

A stop to what? The kid was born in the U.K. Correct?

In Topic: Seth Rich murdered by the dnc?

Today, 02:13 PM

For Sho.   He values the opinion of the family who now want details of the investigation since it's been alleged that he was the Wikileaks source.

Read your own link?

"A private investigator working for Seth Rich's family said he has examined the slain DNC staffer's computers and found no evidence he was in contact with Wikileaks before his death, disputing claims made by an unnamed federal investigator on Tuesday."

They want the BS rumors by people like kimdotcom and wheeler to end.

In Topic: Seth Rich murdered by the dnc?

Today, 09:32 AM

*Report (by CrowdStrike which was commissioned a.k.a. paid by DNC)  Any evidence released by the IC yet to support it? Have they examined the hacked equipment yet? 
IRT Seth Rich; there's plenty to indicate something other than a botched robbery. I believe it based on the word of a Federal Investigator (anonymous just like Washington Post uses) and other former IC officials. Also, Assange (he's still batting 100% on accuracy BTW) alluded to it. 

Crowdstrike was one part of their report. A reputable 3rd party in the industry.
The IC doesn't release such evidence during an ongoing investigation. It has led the entire IC including Pompeo to conclude Wiki is basically Russian intelligence.

One investigator who we have no clue if he exists or has looked at equipment. That's your belief. Named IC officials vs that one guy cited by Fox. And Assange (who has lied before) and is being viewed as a Russian agent at this point. Holy ###### that's funny.

He alluded to it...he could simply prove it without a shadow of a doubt couldn't he? Why doesn't he then?