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In Topic: The Great Communicator?

Yesterday, 06:08 PM

Maybe his wife wanted him to come to bed for a marathon sex session and that was the first time he was able to get back to it...

The one that doesn't even want to live with him?

In Topic: 96% of Trump supporters wouldn't change vote.

Yesterday, 06:06 PM

Delusional....no. Crazy.....yes for actually expecting a rational thought from you.

Your statement simply was crap...that is rational and true. You are a delusional clown hack.

In Topic: Judge blocks Trump Sanctuary city defunding order

Yesterday, 06:05 PM

Not to interrupt the circle jerk going on here, but this is a pretty clear cut ruling for ANY judge.
The President doesn't have constitutional authority to attach stipulations to already appropriated federal funds.  That would take a literal act of congress.

Pfft...facts and laws and authority are meaningless to Trumo and his defenders. All things opposing him are fake or liberal and nothing more. Very unfair.

In Topic: So, that Iran Deal...

Yesterday, 02:41 PM

Well, he DID found ISIS. 
Thank God Trump said he had a secret plan to defeat isis. 
On day one he gave his Generals 30 days. 
That was 70 days ago. 
Thank God he already had a plan. 

Hey...he started says my Radical Islamic Terrorism...I can't believe that didn't end it all.

In Topic: 96% of Trump supporters wouldn't change vote.

Yesterday, 02:38 PM

Complaining about Trump 24/7 isn't staying energized dipsh!t, it's staying delusional.

If only there was truth in your statement. Delusional...yeah, you prove that is you every single day.