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In Topic: The Declaration of Independance

Today, 03:47 PM

You use the full version on a smart phone? Jesus you're even dumber than I thought. Talk about a PITA


You can't reply with a  :clap:  on mobile unless you have them all memorized...which, Im sure he does.

In Topic: Philthy Beagles sign Miles Austin.

Today, 01:48 PM


 Nope. Not following him around at all. Come to a thread to comment about the posters habbits and what he's done in the past even though you are neither a Dallas or Philly fan. Irony.


I came to the thread posting about Miles Austin.

I responded to the other comment.


Seems you are following me around and have been wrong each and every time.

In Topic: Guess today's top poster....

Today, 01:47 PM

 Starts a thread about the poster, Irony. 


I started it yesterday...when I was the top poster.

So I started it about me.


In Topic: Death Panels Approved

Today, 01:19 PM

yes you do, yes you do and :lol:


Wrong as usual king troll.

In Topic: Death Panels Approved

Today, 12:39 PM



 He said that there would be no death panels. Just like he said you can keep your doctor. And you can keep your health plan. Fawking liar but who cares. The republicans suck. 


So no link citing what part of the law would cut off this supposed type of surgery for a guy with a "healthy heart for his age" that needed 6 hours of surgery?