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In Topic: Donny Trump

Today, 02:55 PM

 People criticizing Trump for inheriting money from his father. I was just reminding those that Kerry and Kennedy did as well.   

Great...but the criticism came as someone was saying wealth meant trump was intelligent .

Were people making that argument for Kerry?

And who here was around to debate Kennedy here?

In Topic: Donny Trump

Today, 02:46 PM

What this have to do with Kennedy...or Kerry?

In Topic: Darren McFadden out with hamstring injury

Today, 02:44 PM

It is great entertainment watching the board socialists fight for and protect their favorite billion dollar corporations.

Which ones are the socialists again?

Better yet, don't do that here, do it in the other thread where you ignored that question.

In Topic: Donny Trump

Today, 02:18 PM

 He'd call most of us "losers".  :(

Seems to be one of the only comebacks he knows.

In Topic: Because Ted Cruz intrigues KSB....

Today, 01:32 PM

Right on cue.  Never disappoints.

And the mouthbreather even took the bait.

Talk about never disappoints.