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In Topic: NBA Playoffs thread

Yesterday, 09:12 PM

Probably time to panic Cleveland.

If every 4th quarter is officiated like that, they should worry.

In Topic: obama - transgender bs

Yesterday, 09:00 PM

Bathroom Barry is pretty damn funny though.

In Topic: I've Decided Worms is an Idiot

Yesterday, 05:59 PM

RLLD was definitely referring to me :wub:

The "MDC and Worms are racists for calling me out on my racism" charge was a dead giveaway

It is one of my favorites.

In Topic: Baltimore officer acquitted in Freddie Grey case

Yesterday, 05:22 PM

more white people are killed each year by cops than blacks

Great...what does that have to do with cops were wrong in this case?

In Topic: Commiefornia - Sweeping new gun legislation

Yesterday, 05:00 PM

It's right there in black & white, I clearly mentioned living in Nevada vs CaLifornia.

The retailer doesn't decide who can and who can't purchase a gun, the government lets them know.

As for NICS checks, they produce far more false positives than they stop actual prohibited persons. The problem is, we don't make it a priority to prosecute people for lying on the 4473 when we do catch them. They simply get declined and go try somewhere else.

Dizzy from that spin. People can read what you had written...and now the changes.