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In Topic: Monday's Debate.

Today, 10:37 PM

Holy focking sh!t.

All politics aside, if you vote for Trump, you're a fool. Wow.


Yeah...she is a lying corrupt ######.  She is.

But she showed him what the major leagues are really about tonight.  Showed she understood the issues...while he went with the same BS soundbites that have been destroyed often.

The Stop and Frisk stuff alone would kill any normal person.

In Topic: Monday's Debate.

Today, 10:10 PM

Sadly she won tonight, but only because of debate skills / experience.


And facts, and knowledge of issues....

In Topic: Monday's Debate.

Today, 09:25 PM

I am shocked that the liberals think Hillary crushed it while the conservative posters thought Trump did well.

Shocked, I tell you!!

And no, I didn't watch one second. They can both eat a bag of d1cks.


Even some of those who are leaning Trump said he beat her.  Only drobs seems to think he did well.

In Topic: Monday's Debate.

Today, 09:24 PM

Trump is killing it....
































by it I mean his chance to win in November,   holy fock.   


Will always give you credit...you are not the delusional in the bag guy like others.

:thumbsup:  to you.

In Topic: Monday's Debate.

Today, 08:05 PM

Agree to disagree, while I am assiduously opposed to trump, it does no good at all to pretend he wasn't making hay early on

No need to pretend...he looked (and sounded) like a petulant child who did a few lines before coming out.
Rambling and not really answering the questions.