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In Topic: Is Kniles Davis THE Guy?

Today, 08:59 AM

Ty will have some nice games...but I don't think the model against the Bears will work for the rest of the year.

Teams need an RB to pound the ball.

I think Knile gets a shot...but not sure he ever gets more than 15 carries or so.  Even Lacy wasn't getting a ton of carries.

Ty will still get 5-10 carries and a bunch of looks out of the backfield as that versatility has made the offense work a bit better.


I would say Knile may be an ok stash as a just in case...or a bye week/injury filler.  But when Starks returns, that may get muddied up even more.


I don't see a consistent FF performer as an RB in GB.

In Topic: Trump's pledge to the American Voter

Today, 08:38 AM

I despise Trump. But your act is really dumb. This is an election, pitting two (okay three) candidates up against one another. The whole point is to compare and contrast them with each other.



Not really...every single criticism of Trump has been met with unrelated crap about Hillary.

Legit stuff that even the most ardent supporters...or people that claim they don't like him but hate Hillary worse...and none of the Trump side can admit that he is a piece of crap on these things and can only bring up Hillary.  Its laughable.

It is seriously the only thing Trump has going for him...he is not Hillary.  Problem is...he is exactly like her, only less knowledgeable on literally every issue the President needs to have some knowledge on.

In Topic: Why Trump will win - By Michael Moore

Today, 08:28 AM

Now we have Right Wingers touting Michael Moore? Holy cow - the apocalypse has begun! :lol:


They think Russia is awesome too.

In Topic: Parents Televisions Council Says Walking Dead "Went Too Far"

Today, 08:27 AM


HEY! :mad:


No...anyone in my family asking who edjr is would be even more mortifying.

In Topic: Artie Lange on Opie radio show - annihilates Howard Stern

Today, 08:27 AM







how is Artie still alive?


No way is he human.