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Today, 09:22 AM

He shouldn't talk to them because we do not officially recognize the Taiwan government. China isn't butt hurt because they realize the Taiwan leader pulled one over on Trump. Taiwan even publicized the call. Not a smart move by Taiwan, IMO. Trump doesn't like to look bad and he holds grudges.

This was a major concern with Trump. Diplomacy is a delicate subtle art. Every word counts. This is different from business dealings. He needs a close advisor who is adept at foreign diplomacy who can screen his calls.

He needs to take his briefings seriously...too many reports now that he isn't listening.

In Topic: Taiwan, Trump, Rookie, China mad, yadda

Today, 09:20 AM

So let me get this straight... you think you have a better understanding of how the world works than Trump? What would ever make you think that?
And its funny hearing you complain about his Twitter, when you literally have 45,000+ posts on FFToday of pure bullsh!t.

PureBS is your biased an uninformed opinion and has nothing to do with our President elect being a child in twitter or him not yet showing he has a clue about diplomacy.
But obviously you are going to excuse anything he does.

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Today, 09:01 AM


The expected answer from the hackiest hack on the bored.

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Today, 09:00 AM

To be fair, half of the people claiming to be pissed about this had no idea they should even be pissed about it until the media told them they should be.

Admittedly, I understood some of the relationship between China and Taiwan, but had no idea our Pres hadnt contacted them in like 40 years. I doubt anyone here did.

Some...sure. I knew damn well you don't deal with Taiwan like this and howChina goes nuts over them.

In Topic: Taiwan, Trump, Rookie, China mad, yadda

Today, 08:59 AM

You do realize Trump is smarter than you, has a better understanding of diplomacy than you... or anyone else on this board for that matter. 
Let the man do his job.

No...he has yet to show he understands Adam thing about diplomacy. Hence his foolish tweet after.