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In Topic: Go back to June 10th - ish

Today, 09:02 PM

And today they are all paroting some CNN producer that has nothing to do with their Russia coverage.

It's really funny to watch them.

In Topic: Van Jones: "The RussianThing is Just a Big Nothing Burger!"

Today, 07:36 PM

its been 8 months and there is absolutely no evidence that there was collusion between Trump and the Russians. How long should this investigate keep going since it is based on a lie? 5 years 10 years? What would make you happy

How do you know what evidence Mueller has?

In Topic: Obama's team had the chance to kill ISIS leader Al Baghdadi -- and they b...

Today, 07:35 PM

Tired of people bringing nothing to the topic at hand. What's so focking hard about staying on topic? Quit avoiding questions with "look over here" mentality. Stick to a topic!

Yeah...I see you often trying to keep people in topic.

In Topic: What do you disagree with "your side" about

Today, 03:57 PM

This Thread is going to be great to watch the two biggest trolls on this board politically not ever answer this question.

You already answered.

From the right.
Fiscal conservatism is gone in the GOP.
The move to the far right and Christian crap was bad and still hasn't come back yet. And I'm a Christian...just understand how to separate that vs government.
The obstruction used for so long was terrible.

From the left...
Failure in healthcare and right now zero attempt to fix what is there while the GOP screws up theor own plan.
Too far in the LGBTQ9er
Their own obstruction and inability to have a real identity right now.
Focking Hillary Clinton
Talks about guns but any real change is never proposed in a realistic way. I'm pro 2nd Amendment...but understand regulations are needed.

In Topic: "I plead the 5th" Susan Rice, John Brennan and Samantha Power

Today, 03:45 PM

You act as if no one would violate the law and actually listen in to reveal these names for political reasons.

The I.C. has been leaking sh!t left and right. :lol:

I'm laughing that you all have bitched about leaks and anonymous sources...yet you love them for this.
Hypocrisy is always funny with you.
As is your reliance on what might as well be state news now with Fox.