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In Topic: 11 of 12 footballs NE used were deflated 2psi!

Yesterday, 10:16 PM

do you think I'm the guy who brought it up ? Is your only source of any info this web site ? Fock your a moron. Who cares if he's been investigated.

Get a life outside of here kid. Learn something instead of mumbling around here like a buffoon.
News flash bozo! I didn't invent the rogers link.
:doh: and it is relevant no matter how much you green bay idiots deny it.

I think you have talked about it many times as if it meant anything.

I will deny that seeing what you can away with prior to inspection is the same as possibly changing things after inspection.

Oh, and you, who posts here as much as you do, saying someone else should get a life?
How many posts do you have in both of the deflated balls thread?

Hah! You are the gift yhat keeps on giving drobs.

In Topic: NFL: 11 of 12 Pat's balls under inflated.

Yesterday, 10:11 PM

Well, if Bill said so...

In Topic: 11 of 12 footballs NE used were deflated 2psi!

Yesterday, 09:42 PM

his quote is all I need, over and if ...two simple words. Turns out its irrelevant anyway.
Pats haven't done anything illegal, unless getting a bunch of sore losers riled up is against NFL policy.

Bill know they are clean and eventually the NFL will admit it.

I'm looking forward to a great super bowl with the two best in the league battling.

Has Rodgers ever been investigated for tampering with balls after they were inspected or even accused of it?

Nope...so the comparison is idiotic.

Its a small issue and stupid. But the denial by guys like you is hilarious.

In Topic: 11 of 12 footballs NE used were deflated 2psi!

Yesterday, 09:29 PM

Pushing the limit - and doing so prior to inspection - is not comparable to exceeding the limit, and doing so after the inspection has taken place.

And pushing the limit on the over-inflation side is not comparable to breaking the rules on the low side, in both low-pressure and tampering post-inspection.

drobeski still trying to compare to Rodgers...so great that he does not see how dumb he looks in doing that.



And others are really trying to compare the two?


In Topic: Jeb Bush for president...

Yesterday, 09:25 PM

survived how many recalls and won how many elections ? Yeah no chance :rolleyes:


One recall in Wisconsin and barely won reelection in a red state against a terrible candidate.


He will get destroyed in the primaries first...do you really think others on the right won't tear him apart for things?

Look, I like what he has done fiscally in Wiscsonsin (job creation not included).  he has helped turn around their budget.

The problem is in how he did it and how sleazy of a guy he is.


If he did somehow not get beat down in the primaries...Hillary would mop the floor with him.


Put up Paul...put up Jeb...put up Ryan or Christie and Id support any of them over HIllary any day.

Walker won't beat her and won't likely beat any of them.