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In Topic: Any graying Geeks?

Today, 09:41 AM

40 in a couple months, no thinning at all but I get a few stray white hairs. My grandfather had a thick head of completely white hair from age 60 or so on and I look like him so thy probably my future. I will be going Steve Martin within the next 10-15 years for sure. :thumbsup:


Like early career Steve Martin?

So you may actually be funny at some point?

In Topic: Any graying Geeks?

Today, 09:22 AM

I never knew an intelligent person who shaved their head. They are all nice guys and lots of fun but their lives are cluttered with bad choices. That is just my observation.


I did make a bad choice today...I logged onto this site and read this insanely ignorant post of yours.

In Topic: Any graying Geeks?

Today, 09:20 AM

Not graying but I am getting some rather ridiculous shoulder hair as I age. Any of you old timers got a trick for that? I give 'em a shave if I'm going to the beach or something but I'm looking for other solutions


Yeah...shave them when I shave my head.

Can't grow much hair on the top of my head...but neck, shoulders, some on the back and the crap trying to grow in my ears is focking annoying.

In Topic: Philip Rivers...Best QB in the game right now?

Today, 07:08 AM

I guess we can take a break on the Rivers live this week.

2nd int was brutal...and he constantly looked like a whiny biotch...chippy with defenders and all

In Topic: Any graying Geeks?

Today, 06:37 AM

I have shaved my head for the last few years.  Once it started to go, that was it.

Though, the times I am lazy and let it go for a week before shaving...or grow the winter beard a little...no grays.

So I got that going for me.