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Today, 03:59 PM

Saints fans don't understand, i don't know where it comes from, maybe because they're pretty young as a franchise, I don't know


I get the frustration coming off of a SB and having that prime year taken in a way...but to completely excuse the staff over it is laughable.

In Topic: AP is a child abuser

Today, 03:20 PM



 Yeah, it's crying. As a fan that shells out a lot of money every year on season tickets and many other Saints related things, I should just take in the ass when the commissioner over steps his authority and punishes not just the coach but the the fans also.  


Tell your coach and team not to act like focking morons and get caught.

He didn't over step his authority at all though...

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Today, 03:10 PM

If i didnt know any better Roger Goodell is solely responsible for all domestic violence and is accountable to fix it. And the NFL.....its responsibility is to fund social changes.


What a joke. The guy apologized for how he handled a case...hes taking measures to fix it.....enough. Move on. 


Pretty much.

It is funny watching people (especially women's groups) get on Goodell...even better watching Bud, Nike, and Congress trying to take some moral high ground.

In Topic: AP is a child abuser

Today, 02:42 PM

Looks a lot like how you discuss the sport.


Look at any Goodell/NFL thread out there on several sites...most are full of Saints fans crying about Payton and Goodell's punishment.

You cry more than Pats fans.

In Topic: AP is a child abuser

Today, 02:33 PM

Packers fans get fawked in the ass a lot.


One of our statement's was true...the other was your useless babble.