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In Topic: Why does the NFL hate Islam?

Today, 07:21 AM

He was penalized for the slide, not the praying. Nothing to see here.


He was penalized because he went to the ground to celebrate.  It has been a rule for several years. (see Nick Collins after picking off Big Ben and scoring in the Super Bowl).


Though, lately they seem to be selectively enforcing this rule (I think Marshall did it against both the 9ers and Packers...)

In Topic: Intel Community calling Obama's BS from 60 Minutes Interview.

Yesterday, 10:06 PM

Not surprising that you can't handle reality.


Oh, I think he got reality just right...RP does need to get a life.

In Topic: Packers @ Bears

Yesterday, 12:19 PM

I was referring to Serpent's "analysis".....

ahh, sorry, missed the reference 


In Topic: Another Eddie Lacy Thread - Couldn't Find The Other Ones

Yesterday, 10:34 AM

I get that you love the packers. I love my fantasy team, and want it to do well. He would've been tackled. You can play semantic games about facts. I'm just going to use common sense to evaluate the play. He was almost tackled even with the hold. A fast runningback doesn't even get touched there. It's no big deal. Lacy isn't as good as last year. I'd love if he did great the rest of the season. I have him. Doesn't change that he looks like sh!t, but I have to move on from a runningback that's slow and likes to stutter-step behind the line of scrimmage.


Lacy isn't a speed RB anyway.

I agree he is not playing as well as last year.

And I do love the Packers and can evaluate him as dancing a bit more than last year...but also that the line is not opening up holes like last year.

In Topic: Packers @ Bears

Yesterday, 09:42 AM

McCarthy is trying to make Rodgers into a game manager too. :lol:


He is?

How so?

Read that they actually simplified some of the "play calls" this week and gave Rodgers more options at the line.  They do this as part of their no-huddle anyway and let him make the checks at the line.

Not sure I would have called anything yesterday "managing the game" in that sense that it sounds some times.