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In Topic: In the last 45 years

Today, 02:24 PM

Accidents like this have been happening for years and years and years.

Challenger, Columbia...on back...or do you forget what happened before Apollo 11 to Apollo 1...or even after to 13?


Acting that the explosion the other day is some sort of sign of the decline of a nation is just one of the most ignorant things you have ever posted (which is saying a lot).

In Topic: College football playoff rankings

Today, 02:19 PM

Not sure why I can't quote anymore.  Haven't been here in months. 


8-0 ATS vs. other conf in the biggest bet game of the year is telling.  Go ahead and enlighten me with how they do ATS during the year vs. out of conf power conf teams.  Are they below .500?  SHow me. 


You are right it has no bearing on THIS year.  We are talking SEC bias and the myth that it mostly is.  Try to keep up.   For years SEC has proven it.  Yet those results don't matter?  How can a conf. win so dominantly vs. other conf. in the biggest game.....yet be overrated? 


My point is talking about there is no bias.  And again the SEC has probably 3 or 4 of the best 5 teams in the country. 



I have kept up...if you don't think there is bias...why was South Carolina ranked so high to start the year?

Why after beating them did A&M jump so high up?


Both of those teams were not worthy of top 10 or top 5 rankings...but one moved up because the other started out completely overrated...and they were rated there why?  Because they play in the SEC.


There is a huge voting bias to rank SEC teams higher right now...there is.

Sure, their recent history may have earned them the bias...but its there.

In Topic: College football playoff rankings

Today, 11:44 AM

SEC has covered the last 8 straight championship games vs other conf teams. 


4 of them were underdogs.


3 of those dogs won outright with Auburn losing by 3 to 10.5 favorite Fla St.......Auburn beating Oregon as a 1 pt dog.  Fla as a TD dog blowing out OHS.  LSU beating Okl by 7 as a 6 pt dog.


Most of the other years blowing teams out of the water on way to covering.


So little Joe Vegas comes on air and answers a question because he wants people to bet on a conf that has covered the last 8 straight championship games they played vs. other conf. representatives?


Makes sense if you are an idiot.


Do past games and outcomes of those games matter in these discussions at all?  How are the results spun?  The numbers of covers?  Do these mean anything?  Or is it, Oh you are dumb, blah, I have nothing to say, blah. ??


Last 8 is great...you realize college rosters turnover right?

And that what happened 8 years ago has zero bearing on right now.

In Topic: Do you like fish sticks?

Today, 08:49 AM


In Topic: Do you like fish sticks?

Today, 07:25 AM

You dont like mcdonalds nuggets specifically? Or any chicken nugget?


I don't mind nuggets like Chick Fil A...where its actual chicken meat and not a ground up version stuffed into crappy breading.

I don't mind making my own at home.


I equate a McNugget to a Fish stick.

Cheap, processed crap.