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  1. Gipaldo

    Ode to Njoku

    id be happy with a score and 4+ receptions
  2. Gipaldo

    Chargers at Chiefs: In-Game Discussion

    Hell of a game, but what a time for K. Allen to post a goose egg. All but screws my chances for winning my fantasy game Really didn't think it looked that bad on the diving TD catch, never would have thought you would sit the rest of the game
  3. Gipaldo

    Lamar Jackson named starter

    Have Wentz, who now sounds like will be out rest of the year possibly? Great timing with FF playoffs in full swing Luckily I did pick up Jackson two weeks back and pretty much my only option as the waiver is thin at best
  4. Gipaldo

    Who's MVP for yor team this year?

    just won first place in regular season which pays out $350, so ill give myself the MVP picking a well rounded team in all seriousness, Gurley. I had the #2 pick and was going to take DJ, but then Bell went first and couldn't pass on Gurley. Guy was so consistent all season. honorable mentions to Chubb who I picked up of the WW the second I heard the news of Hyde leaving. Juju for the value I got him in the draft
  5. Gipaldo

    Edelman over Robert Woods this week?

    Should have gone with my gut an Edelman, although he only outscored Woods by about 5pts Luckily still won my match in a close one
  6. Gipaldo

    Edelman over Robert Woods this week?

    Gronk out which takes away a big one Rams have plenty of targets for Goff as well...Cooks, Woods, Gurley, Kupp
  7. Gipaldo

    Edelman over Robert Woods this week?

    Should also point out my opponent has Goff and Cooks on the Rams Tenn has not been good against slot receivers
  8. Every site has Woods ranked higher, but with Gronk out and a favorable matchup, my gut tells me to start Edelman. Woods has also been on a decline the last 3 weeks Huge game as I'm in second and playing the first place team. Same record, he has a slight advantage in points for. .5ppr league Thoughts?
  9. Gipaldo

    Bengals at Chiefs: In-Game Discussion

    Should be a good game
  10. Gipaldo

    Chubb's value

    Looked pretty good out there Chubb was the play over Duke. I like him going forward
  11. Gipaldo

    Fellow Lynch Owners...Holding or Dropping?

    Holding but picked up Richard, who I really like in ppr league moving forward if lynch misses time
  12. Gipaldo

    early FU thread

    K. Allen has yet another average game, putting up WR3/4 numbers
  13. Gipaldo

    Chubb's value

    Starting to think Edelman is the safer play with all this Duke talk
  14. Gipaldo

    Titans at Chargers (London): In-Game Discussion

    Is K. Allen even out there? Tired of this guy putting up average points
  15. Gipaldo

    Chubb's value

    Currently starting Chubb at Flex over Edelman and Kerryon Johnson Thoughts? These TB stats have me a little worried and Chubb isn't know as a pass catcher