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  1. Reed vs Falcons or OJ Howard @ Carolina? (0.5 PPR)
  2. I need to fill 5 positions: QB, RB2, TE, Flex1, Flex 2 QB: Goff @ New Orleans or Brady vs Packers? RB2: Duke Johnson vs Chiefs, Frank Gore vs Jets, or Theo Riddick @ Minnesota? TE: M. Andrews vs Steelers or Brate @ Carolina? Flex1 & Flex2: Any leftovers from the above two, TreQuan Smith vs Rams, A. Robinson @ Buffalo, Kearse @ Miami, or Snead vs Steelers? and in another PPR, who would you pick for a flex this week: Sony Michel vs Packers, Booker vs Texans, or A. Miller @ Buffalo?
  3. Full PPR: Smallwood vs Panthers or Watkins vs Bengals?
  4. Bilal Powell or Duke Johnson?
  5. DC

    Flex: Crowell or Corey Davis?

    starting Goodwin already. No waiver guys.
  6. DC

    Brees or Flacco?

    Play Brees or Flacco?
  7. Full PPR. Crowell vs Vikings Davis in London vs Tenn
  8. DC

    Le’Veon Bell - The hold out continues!

    What do you mean "Will the Steelers cave in?" The only thing the Steelers can do is wait it out or remove the franchise tag and let him be a free agent. This is all on Bell at this point. Under league rules, there are no contract negotiations at this point. He either signs the tender and reports or he sits out until he has to come back (week 10) in order to be credited with the year of service making him a true free agent in 2019. Steelers can't do anything now. There is no "cave" in which to "cave-in".
  9. DC

    Pick up and stash Mark Ingram?

    Ingram: week 1-4 Suspended week 6: BYE week 7: @ Baltimore week 8: @ Minnesota week 9: vs Rams Sorry, but Ingram is a disaster right up through week 9, with week 5 being his only promising game. Ingram owners are going to be very disappointed util week 10 and that may be way too late in the season, the damage from owning Ingram having hurt you badly weeks 1-9.
  10. Full point PPR Robby Anderson @ Detroit (w/rookie Darnold starting) or Sammy Watkins @ LA Chargers?
  11. I was all ready to roll with Ben this week but the forecast is for heavy rain and high wind in Cleveland. My other option is Goff @ Oakland. Would you start Big Ben this week or Goff?