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  1. nzoner

    Free Yahoo Tourney Pickem all geeks invited

    Welcome to the crapshoot,heh I've got a #6 seed winning it all.
  2. https://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1/group/192630/invitation?key=8c48864a9b08f6b3&soc_trk=lnk Group name:Geeks Password:fftoday
  3. This is about an hour up the highway from me,our section of the Missouri River is predicted to see it's 2nd highest crest ever tomorrow.
  4. Mrs (36C) was having surgery,anyhow as you walk in the main entrance they have one of those self playing pianos next to a coffee stand and as I'm walking by I think I recognize the tune and as I keep walking I definitely recognize the tune as Queen's Who Wants To Live Forever Maybe it's just my sense of humor but have to admit I was quite amused by the selection playing in a hospital.
  5. nzoner

    Bloody Mary's to start the day

    I really like it so I go at least double that,it really is a matter of personal taste.
  6. nzoner

    Bloody Mary's to start the day

    Even when I'm out I order pickle juice on the side,can't drink one without it now.
  7. nzoner

    Gaming addicted kids

    No doubt NV,oh to have been 12 in '85,I got married in '85
  8. nzoner

    MTV 80's music junkies

    Cody has pretty much been known for being off the wall,here's one his chart toppers from the 70's
  9. nzoner

    MTV 80's music junkies

    Although it was my submission I'd still say it's the catchiest of everything posted.
  10. nzoner

    shotsup alive?

    Wow,what a birthday gift.
  11. nzoner

    Classic Rock question

    I like this as well however would also include like artists who kept it going well past the 90's,Seger,Petty,Mellencamp,Stones etc. as IMO their sounds rarely if at all changed that much.
  12. nzoner

    MTV 80's music junkies

    What were some of the more OFF THE WALL videos you remember from those days? I submit Commander Cody
  13. nzoner

    Mardi Gras Street Cam

    When we were there a few years ago the mrs (36C) and I went on a plantation tour about an hour outside the city.If you're into history and the like I recommend it.