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  1. nzoner

    Just back from the bar and....

    New albums is out and got tickets today for 2019 tour,here's a sample of the new project
  2. He wanted to score some more.
  3. nzoner

    Favorite band from the "Grunge" era / scene?

    And because of that he made a true statement Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers were a better band from the grunge era.
  4. nzoner

    Favorite band from the "Grunge" era / scene?

    No favorite as I'm not a big fan of that scene but having to choose I'd go Soundgarden if for nothing else Black Hole Sun.
  5. nzoner

    Illegal shoots at Deputy in California

    So this video prompted me to do a search trying to find more info etc. and I came across this video from August '18,(sorry if repost)I sincerely do not know how police officers do it. Strong language
  6. It's like a daily occurrence now,I keep thinking surely no one will spin this story or that story and :facepalm:
  7. nzoner

    In search of racism

    Don LaMone
  8. Proponents of legalization have long argued that regulation leads to transparency, which helps root out game-fixing schemes. But there is much evidence to suggest the opposite. As economist Wladimir Andreff of the University of Paris has written: "All economic analyses conclude that the more money there is inflowing to sport, the greater the sport corruption."
  9. nzoner

    Geek Golf Outing - Vegas

    This would be my speed at The RIO
  10. nzoner

    Geek Golf Outing - Vegas

    That makes two of us.... unless putt putt counts
  11. nzoner

    Joe Bonamassa.

    There's a big difference between Joe Bonamassa and Robert Johnson and if you like Trower and excellent guitar playing at least check this out
  12. nzoner

    Joe Bonamassa.

    I bought that when it first came out(because of Bonamassa) but the vocals didn't do much for me,I'll have to give it another go.
  13. nzoner

    Joe Bonamassa.

    How about this one?