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  1. Kopy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    Man this really is/was a fun hobby. Just shootin sh!t with you guys the last couple days has been a blast. You ever been sucked into a gimmick card? I did. Had to be around 1990 or so. You guys remember the classic brand Nolan knows Bo card? I thought I hit the jackpot with that one. Probably had about 10 of them at the time. I thought I was gonna be rich. I think they'd probably go for a $1 buck nowadays.
  2. Kopy

    Noodlin' Girl

    AND. I would be willing to accomodate that request!
  3. Kopy

    Noodlin' Girl

    Yup. Definitely takes It In the @ss.
  4. Kopy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    And bandrus, I'm not in any way trying to argue with you. I guess just my line of thinking is: If something is worth $80 bucks, and I paid $50 bucks for it. If I ever had to get rid of it. Chances are, I'm gonna get my $50 bucks back. Maybe even the $80 "listed" mint it's so called worth. But if I payed $10,000 grand for that mint 10 graded card. How in the hell am I ever gonna get that back? Even if I ask for a hundred times the mint value listing. Found that needle in the haystack sucker that has money to burn. That's only $8,000 grand. I'd still be out $2,000 bucks. And that's at A HUNDRED TIMES IT'S MARK UP CAP VALUE. That's why I think it's completely outrageous and funny as hell. Kudos for that 1 person that you do find to buy though. I suppose that does make it all worth it.
  5. Kopy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    OK. So now I got another question for Mark Davis or bandrus. You 2 seem to be the most knowledgable, and interested in this topic. This I've always wondered. Have you, someone you know, or even just an urban legend you heard. Ever sent in a card, get it graded. When it came back, broke it open, then sent it back out to see if it got the same grade? Or maybe even didn't agree with a PSA grade, so the second time sent it to Beckett or vise versa? I wonder if you'd get the same number back?
  6. Kopy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    I'm not In any way suggesting you didn't show evidence of the needle In the haystack being found. I'm just saying for a common person like myself, (and I gotta believe the majority out there are like me). Paying $50 bucks for a damn fine looking Joe Montana rookie card that's listed mint condition at a $80 dollar value (i have know Idea on the value, just guessing. Haven't looked In years). Compared to paying $10,000 grand for a "graded 10" card. Most people are gonna get the $50 dollar version. And laugh at the outrageousness of the $10,000 firm buy now add. When the cap value was the "$80 dollar" mint listing. I could be wrong, maybe I am? It still makes me laugh though.
  7. Kopy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    I know what you mean by the supply and demand part of the equasion. I just think It's funny and unrealistic. I realize I'm a fully simplistic person. But I'd never go to a 10 star restaurant, pay for valet parking, and then buy a $100 dollar steak, while In the process tip every single person I meet. I'd get a $10 dollar steak, and grill It In my backyard. Different life styles I suppose. And If you can find one sucker with money to burn, then It was worth It. But still very funny on my end of It.
  8. Kopy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    I find ebay pretty funny to, sometimes. Say a Jon Doe rookie card in mint condition is worth $50 bucks. Someone will have a PSA or Beckett graded 10 card for sale for $2,000 grand. They gotta be thinking to themselves when they list that, that it'll never sell. Right? But I see that stuff all the time.
  9. Kopy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    Did you ever get any fakes that were laugh out loud obvious? Just wondering If anything ever came your way that was comical, and you just rolled your eyes and said move along buddy. I like my scammers to at least put some effort Into It.
  10. Kopy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    2 tidbits on that set you might find Interesting. That 86 Fleer basketball set.: #1, Is the most counterfited sports card set out there. #2, That set was so rushed to print that It's very hard to find perfect cards. You'll find alot of miscuts, and border off centered.
  11. Kopy

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Once you guys pony up for Cooper and Prescotts contracts, how you gonna look cap wise? Will you still be able to manuever, or will you be strapped for several years? We got Wilson and Wagner due up next year ourselves. Luckily we purged last year and are in good shape money wise. As it stands now Cam Chancellor is our only bad contract.
  12. Kopy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    I use Beckett.com Check out my cards.com Deans cards And of course ebay I find that using all 4 gives me a good Idea of the mint market value (which Is completely untrue, because no one In there right mind would ever pay full price for a card). But It does give me a cap, which I know never to go over, or even come near for that matter. And then It also lets me see what dealers are asking for, as well as people who just want to dump the stuff want.
  13. Kopy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    It's kind of funny. I tell my grandson it's gonna be his collection someday, and he says ok and rolls his eyes. But if I say lets go to walmart, and I'll get you some pokeman cards. He'd sh!t himself and race me to the truck.
  14. Kopy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    I got back into it about 5 years ago myself. It was alot to learn again. Everything is numbered, autographed, special somehow (jersey card). Limited run, and like you said. Very expensive. And in the grand scheme of things. How limited is limited? I decided the new stuff (the years 2000's or so). I really wasn't interested in. What I did find though. Was all the cards I wanted as a kid, but couldn't afford. Because of the tank, I now could. When I was young. I only collected rookie cards of players (which is why I couldn't afford much). I wouldn't by sets, or commons, players, whatever. I would save all my money and by 1 card, someones rookie I wanted. That also means I couldn't get much. Back then, I'd have to pay $200 bucks or more (if it was graded) for a Joe Montana rookie card. So I never got one. Now a couple years ago, (30 years later from my childhood) I was able to get one for $40 bucks. In pretty good condition too. Edges a tad warn. But crease free, still nice paper. It would probably grade for a 7.
  15. Kopy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    What bandrus said. I'm not sure on the older or newer, who's better category. But only use those 2. PSA or Beckett. Anything else will either be a scam. Or it just wouldn't be a credible enough source. Also, yes. It's very expensive, and with how much the industry tanked about 25 years ago and really never came back around. I think you'd just be wasting your money. Good luck. It's a hobby I've got very fond memories of, and still hold dear to my heart.