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  1. I have the first waiver pick and Baldwin was dropped. Should I pick him or Sutton up ROS? Thanks in advance.
  2. I am planning to carry just one QB the rest of the year. Who among Wilson, Goff and Trubisky would you guys keep? Goff is on the waiver wire. I picked up Trubisky last week for Wilson's bye. Thanks in advance.
  3. Two 0-2 teams in 2 12-team leagues: #1 Brady, Tom NEP QB Cousins, Kirk WAS QB Bernard, Giovani CIN RB Charles, Jamaal KCC RB Davis, Knile KCC RB Hill, Jeremy CIN RB ® Hyde, Carlos SFO RB ® Boldin, Anquan SFO WR Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR Gordon, Josh CLE WR (S) Jones, Julio ATL WR (P) Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE (Q) #2 Cousins, Kirk WAS QB Newton, Cam CAR QB Bell, Joique DET RB Ellington, Andre ARI RB Forte, Matt CHI RB Hill, Jeremy CIN RB Johnson, Chris NYJ RB Bryant, Dez DAL WR Cruz, Victor NYG WR Hunter, Justin TEN WR Matthews, Jordan PHI WR Wayne, Reggie IND WR
  4. hungt23

    Need Help With My Keeper

    I would keep Stacy too.
  5. hungt23

    Keepers Suggestion, please.

    Thanks guys. I'm leaning toward keeping Charles since he's a bargain at 8th overall, considering he's going first or second most of the mock drafts. I'll also keep Gio for the 5th. Then in the second and third, I'll try to grab the best receivers left. AJ Green, Dez, Marshall, Demerius, and Jefferies are the possibilities there. If Graham is there when I pick, I'll take a hard look at him too. I could also keep Gordon for a 6th rounder so if he doesn't get suspended, I'll have more difficult choices to make.
  6. hungt23

    Keeper Gordon or Harvin

    I would gamble on Gordon since you drafting so early. It's a roll of the dice since you have two great WR's already. I hate early drafts.
  7. hungt23

    Keeper suggestions

    I would keep Stacy too.
  8. hungt23

    Keepers Suggestion, please.

    Please pick two keepers out of these. I'm picking 8th out of 12. TE's are counted as WR. Lineup: QB, RB (2), WR (3), K, DEF. Jamaal (lose 1st round) Graham (lose 2nd if kept with Jamaal, 1st if not) Gio (5th round) Or Alshon (7th) Thanks in advance.
  9. hungt23

    Shorts or Jennings ROS

    I picked up Short as an IR move for Jennings. Now that the 4 week period is up. I need to drop one, not that I want to. Looks like I might drop Jennings now. Thanks guys.
  10. hungt23

    Shorts or Jennings ROS

    I need to drop either Cecil Shorts or Greg Jennings. Which do you think? Thanks
  11. hungt23

    Who else went WR WR

    I had the 12th pick in a 12-team league, I almost drafted Randy Moss/Megatron but chickened out and picked Moss/Chris Johnson.
  12. hungt23

    Draft Tracker software?

    I just PM you my email. Looking forward to the spread sheet. Thanks again. Dexter is an awesome show. I am hooked.
  13. hungt23

    Draft Tracker software?

    I am interested, Dex. P.S. Kill anyone lately?
  14. hungt23

    Did Gore get hurt lastnight?

    I don't think he was hurt. It was just bad play calling.
  15. hungt23

    chance to get GORE?

    Yes, I would do it in a heartbeat.