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  1. Has anyone done a 16 week H2H regular season with no playoffs? This is something im considering. There is growing discontent with the randomness of the playoffs...we have the 5 and 6 seeds playing for a title this yr and in 17 seasons the first place reg season winner has won the league playoffs twice.
  2. American Chewy

    Playoff defenses

    down to the dregs....lions@buf, redskins@jax, and giants v tenn are my options. leaning redskins just cause the o/u in that game is 36. smells like a total garbage game.
  3. American Chewy

    Ware missed practice again today with the hammy

    honestly i think west is just a warm body at this point, a depth player who already knew the system and would be ok in an emergency. i realize we are getting very close to an emergency but i highly doubt he gets some kind of big workload, maybe a series or a breather snap. williams should be the guy.
  4. American Chewy

    Ware missed practice again today with the hammy

    ware doubtful now...i picked up williams. appears in the least he will get the ball around the goaline.
  5. American Chewy

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    anyone who did that deserved what they got
  6. American Chewy

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    look man, i'm only looking out for the most egregious of situations. like being able to start a qb in a wr/te/rb spot or a rb/qb in a te spot. how often has this happened in the last say, 20 years, where only one site had this mis-designation and the rest of the fantasy universe didn't? maybe twice (webb and samuels)? if you think its some great strategy to take advantage of platform errors and thats your path to hopeful victory, then i guess you can stay in your league and i'll stay in mine. after much open discussion all week my leaguemates are fine with this rule change going forward, its not some dictatorship.
  7. American Chewy

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    yahoo. i already check starting rosters before kickoff of games so if theres any player this is an issue for (again, i expect this to be extremely rare and unlikely to be something to worry about week to week) i'll contact the owner so he can make changes.
  8. American Chewy

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    sorry i guess it will be "official" at the draft next season when we talk about rule changes. everyone in our chat seemed to be for it though when we talked about it.
  9. American Chewy

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    Beginning next season our league is instituting a rule that if a player isn't eligible for a position on other major fantasy sites like espn, nfl, cbs, ect then he can't be used in that spot. I honestly don't expect this to be much of an issue, this Samuels thing feels pretty isolated in that it's only one site screwing up his positional eligibility. I can't recall another time this happened...i assume the Colston thing was on multiple sites, as well as the joe webb situation.
  10. American Chewy

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    Thanks for all the input everyone. I went ahead and allowed it. Though I personally as commish asked him to very strongly consider not taking advantage of Yahoo's (and to a lessor extent my) mistake in the name of fair play. Basically putting the ball in his court whether he wants to deal with any tainted results/legacy and fellow owner backlash.
  11. American Chewy

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    This is a fluid situation. I didn't know, it's my bad. Im now leaning toward allowing it but with serious guilt to the player if he decides to do it. If Samuels carries him to a title he risks people not wanting him back. Guess it's his call.
  12. American Chewy

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    I dont think comparing what players people choose to have on their bench is the same as dealing with a rogue fantasy platform improperly designating a player. its pretty clear across the fantasy spectrum that Samuels is not a TE. I think this comes down to how you want your league to operate. do you want to have people win and lose through silly loopholes or not? We don't. if this ends up being 11 vs 1 then i'm ok with that person choosing to quit over it. I don't see that happening though, knowing the player I'm pretty sure this owner would rather win "legitimately" anyway if everyone says its not right for him to use samuels as a TE. still waiting his response though.
  13. American Chewy

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    duly noted. its why i'm bringing this here to discuss it. someone in my league posted a combine report that said samuels is in no way a TE at the next level. i'm not really interested in combine reports though...more how a player is listed on depth charts and used in the preseason when it comes to designations. I think its pretty damning when no other fantasy site has him listed as a TE.
  14. American Chewy

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    I'm not saying i actually "allowed" the webb situation, I chose to bench him before it went any further. I can't comment on whether other sites listed webb as a qb/wr or if webb actually played wr that season or not. I dont remember. I have a feeling though based on the amount of stink people were raising over that that it would have been disallowed no matter who had him. We are a league that is pretty into doing whats right and fair. fwiw, I do consult with people who've been in the league since the beginning on situations like these before making any ruling. "unilaterally" was over the top for me to say.
  15. American Chewy

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    he wasn't drafted, i believe he was only picked up a couple of weeks ago after conner was dinged up in a game. Honestly, its my bad for not noticing this before the season. If the player who has him wants to quit the league over it then i'll live with it. I'm doubt that will happen, and frankly the blowback from allowing Samuels to play TE it is likely to be much worse. Fantasy football shouldn't be about taking advantage of platform loopholes which this clearly is. Just depends on how your league chooses to operate, I do understand both sides of this.