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  1. fandandy

    Happy Spring !!

    I was going to add something witty but I got nothing. Carry on.
  2. fandandy

    Good Primer/Summary of Brexit

    This is exactly what will happen, and I can guarantee you that the remain position has been pushed hard in schools so by the time these kids can vote the outcome will be different.
  3. fandandy

    The difference between water and beer

    I've never drunk a case of water and woke up next to a fat chick.
  4. fandandy

    Padma Lakschmi

    Super hot plus when she's on her period and moody you can make her go live in the blood hut.
  5. fandandy

    Patriot on Amazon Prime

    I watched episode 1 and enjoyed it. That's as far as I've gotten. Definitely on my list of shows to binge though.
  6. fandandy

    There used to be an interstate highway there

    Ten thousand years from now, highly evolved archeologists will discover this site and think, Wow. They used to drive under water.
  7. fandandy

    Good Morning

    Good morning all. I trust you had a wonderful weekend full of high-end pleasure. Ten-day extended forecast, nothing but 40's and 50's. Thank you baby Jesus.
  8. fandandy

    small business geeks "merchant processing"

    I might still use Square but I can't eliminate First Data as Square doesn't process EBT.
  9. fandandy

    small business geeks "merchant processing"

    I use First Data through my bank. I just checked and last month I paid 3.3% A year or so ago I bought all the equipment for Square. That's straight 2.75%, supposedly. I have yet to switch though.
  10. fandandy

    Anyone Have Their Sport Cards Graded?

    Were I you I wouldn't tell anyone. They might dig up your grave and steal the cards, and maybe while they're down there, have sex with your corpse too. Who knows. People are strange.
  11. fandandy

    Too Ugly to be Raped....YEP

    Wiff's too ugly to masturbate. I keed, I keed.
  12. fandandy

    Too Ugly to be Raped....YEP

    It's hard to have an opinion without seeing her pic.
  13. fandandy

    This is the fft banner ad

    I just turned my ad block off and refreshed. Expect the unexpected. Visit CLE. WTF? Why would I ever want to visit Cleveland?
  14. DId you see that story about the dude who dipped his balls in the salsa?