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  1. kutulu

    Patriot on Amazon Prime

    Has Red Foreman and John Locke
  2. kutulu

    Funny Picture thread

  3. kutulu

    CBD options for pain relief

    Move out of the sticks
  4. kutulu

    Uh oh

    AP sounded like just some old fashion ass beating... Sounds like Hill broke his sons arm. Real pos if true.
  5. kutulu

    small business geeks "merchant processing"

    My wife started a small business end of last year (insert gc joke) and has had no problems with the square.
  6. kutulu

    i ~stick

    Yes except that one year when he did it twice.
  7. kutulu

    i ~stick

    Should we wait for edjr to quit and then change his mind again?
  8. kutulu

    i ~stick

    So what's the feeling boys... Stay on this trainwreck for another year and look for a new owner or pull the plug?
  9. kutulu

    Michael Bennett to Patriots

    He'll fit right in
  10. kutulu

    Smolletts lawyer

  11. kutulu

    i ~stick

    Well that's it... No one is gonna take over that collection of turds
  12. Suppose I told you I had fifty in mint condition, would you be interested?
  13. kutulu

    After Life on Netflix

    I read one critic review that ripped this show and since then read a handful of reviews from regular people who all said it was great... Will get around to checking it out eventually.
  14. kutulu