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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/cocky-boxer-gets-knocked-out-after-taunting-opponent-with-10-seconds-left-150309247.html
  2. kutulu

    Any hikers here?

    A lot of people tell me I should.
  3. kutulu

    Motley Crew..the dirt...netflix

    Yes and focking and the above mentioned squirting
  4. kutulu

    When the police mess with you, an alternative approach

    nobody thinks this
  5. kutulu

    Anybody sit on an exercise ball instead of chair

    Do anal beads count?
  6. Ahh...the old squirting clown "flower"
  7. What if you wear a clown suit?
  8. I was told to take down my Ivanka Trump calendar. and to put my clothes back on
  9. kutulu

    John Wick

  10. kutulu

    Public Shaming

  11. kutulu

    WoodStock 50

    It's raining men, hallelujah, it's raining men, amen
  12. kutulu

    WoodStock 50

    Raining blood....from a lacerated sky