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  1. Enoch

    Fair trade, or nah?

    I think it comes down to roster size. If you can't keep all the players in the trade or have to drop other good players then no not very good. But- not good and fair are not the same. I would not veto
  2. still looking for good team owners
  3. crazy over 240 hits and only one person join the league. we are now up to eight owners. If anyone needs more info please look at the league web site or ask me. Thanks
  4. I am part of a new dynasty/keeper. We are looking for more owners Free public league on fleaflicker, look for the name "FFL" 25 man roster: starting 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 3 flex rb/wr/te, 1 kicker, 1 team def. and a bench of 14 players Next years draft will be initially 3 rounds (22 keepers) which will include rookies and free agents. If a team decides to keep 21 players then they would receive a 4th round draft pick.
  5. I like Fleaflicker.com for free. Only thing I miss is that they don't have the league rosters in a grid format. I don't think yahoo has roster layout in grid also. But after you get use to it very good and the price is free
  6. Enoch

    Wild card weekend predictions of who wins

    Cincy wins - easy over SD SF wins- GB can't stop the run Phily Wins - this one is hard to call, NO knows how to put up points. But they hit the wall many times this year. and Phily just good this year KC wins - Both teams have been up and down. But the running game of KC will give them the win. (note: KC homer) GO CHIEFS
  7. Enoch

    FFToday Dynasty opening

    Very interested, either team is ok with me. teamenoch@yahoo.com thanks
  8. Enoch

    5 Late Round WR Targets

    I have been going after: Mike Thomas Jacoby Jones Harry Douglas - might look into him more after reading this post
  9. Enoch

    Dynasty league - rookie draft

    That a cool link Thanks
  10. Enoch

    3 round rookie draft about to start

    I like Stafford,but he is still a rookie QB. Having good WRs will help,but it will not make him NFL QB. The only WR I can think of -that did that was Randy Moss in his prime, he made an "OK " QB look good. Matt Leinart had two good WRs and nice #3Wrs and was high ranked QB coming out college. Calvin is great,but this is still Detroit we are talking about Plus you can find a good #2QB in a dynasty league, but RBs are so hard to land
  11. I am with you on this, you can find a FA #2WR & backup RBs. Good O-limemen are not so easy. Wish they would load up on O-line and see who make it in the NFL
  12. Little more info - if anyone cares I e-mail both the commish and the other owner right after this went down (like 5 min. or less). I made this post less than half hour after Got an e-mail from the commish asking if the other owner knows what happen. At this point in time, have not recieved anything thing from the other owner. I don't want to cause problem in the league & will take whatevery the Commish & other owner say Thanks for the input
  13. I had two windows open for rone for roster. Plus I was look at more than one trade offer. I didn't like this offer at all & went to clear it out. Then I look up at the computer & say "Awaiting Approval" Still not sure how it happen. Has anyone had somthing like this before? I Love RB-Adrian Peterson and will never trade him- I same owner offer me Tom Brady & Fitz ( I turn down weeks before) The offer was OK -Not good Willie Parker & Larry Fitzgerald for AD & WR-Rice anyone have any good input. This makes me sick to think I could lost my best player.
  14. Enoch

    Who was your "sleeper" before the season

    QB-Alex Smith, funny part is that i couldn't get him in any of my leagues. Still was very high on him before the start of 2007