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  1. TonyB1972

    LeVeon Bell - Just Drop Him

    The Conner and Bell owners in my leagues have been working out trades, or keeping him. No one has just dropped him.
  2. TonyB1972

    Talk me out of Fournette over Saquon

    I think Barkley is going to be a bust for where people are drafting him. He has had 1 good run in the pre-season, then 1yd/run after that run. He averaged 2.5yds a carry vs Rutgers and under 3yds a carry over a 5 game stretch. Not saying he can't be a ok player, but people have been taking him top 5-10. Hes had more injuries than good runs in the NFL so far. I get the CJ Spiller feeling all over again (and no I didn't bite for that either). People took him top 5, for his big breakout year.
  3. TonyB1972

    Deshaun Watson Shocker - Torn ACL

    As a side note for my horrible Browns, the pick from Houston is looking better.
  4. TonyB1972

    Deshaun Watson Shocker - Torn ACL

    Sucks for him and Houston. Sucks for my fantasy too, had him on all of my teams, but I have KC QB/Smith as my backup on most, but he was scoring crazy points. Been a bad season for injury, most my good WRs have had their QB hurt (both GB WRs, Fitzgerald) and now my top QB. Gonna be a ugly fantasy year.
  5. TonyB1972

    For those that drafted Zeke...

    Elliot seems to have jumped up in ADP, once the hearings started, and it came out the woman that talked to the accuser suggested no actions be taken, and that she was not credible. Could be shortened to 2-4, or could have an injunction. I would take a flier on him early 2nd. He has gone early second in all my 12 team ppr drafts (2.1 - 2.4).
  6. TonyB1972

    Bell or Brown at #2?

    Bell here, I have A Brown as my #1 WR, but I think the competition for #1 WR is a lot closer this year, and I would be fine with 3-4 people as my #1 WR, but Johnson/Bell are the top tier of RB, for me. I had pick #3 in my last draft and I wasn't thrilled, as I would of been happier with 4-6, as I would of picked earlier in the second and didn't feel like Brown was going to outscore the other top WR by much.
  7. I was picking 3rd (12 team ppr), got A Brown in the first, and I grabbed him coming back. I was a disgruntled owner last year, but the way the picks worked out, it was the best pick for me. Not thrilled, but it is what it is....
  8. TonyB1972

    Julio Jones

    Well this sucks, Riddick and him out, that's 2 starters down for playoffs. Put Garcon in for him, barring a change to his status, not the worst situation to be in, but Julio has far more upside for a big game than Garcon.
  9. TonyB1972

    RB Theo Riddick Inactive

    Yeah, this is killing me, had a ton of injuries at RB. I have to start 2 and he was one of my starts. I have burkhead, white, Vareen as options. Burkhead is against my Browns, so that's a plus, White keeps losing snaps to Lewis and Vareen is just back. Washington/Zenner, Forsett, Montgomery on Waiver. Think Burkhead might be safest on my roster now, and maybe Montgomery safest waiver add..Still deciding, sucks for 1st week of playoffs.
  10. TonyB1972

    Matt Ryan vs the Broncos

    I am starting Brady vs the Browns, over Ryan vs Denver myself.
  11. TonyB1972

    Could Ohio State Beat the Browns?

    Fan of both teams, but the people that said OSU could beat the Browns are delusional. People ask these things all the time for various teams not doing well, and people about always think one of the top college teams could beat a bottom level NFL team. A college team wouldn't be able to stop a NFL team from ramming the ball down their throat imo.
  12. TonyB1972

    Marshawn Lynch

    Even if he did, it would be probably week 7-8 before he was ready to play. I am not gonna touch it. Most of my leagues have really shortened bench spots, only 1 has enough room to carry a guy now, and I am carrying Bell in that league.
  13. In 4 leagues, got him in 3. I am doing Hogan, Fuller and Foster to replace him. It being a 4:25pm game really has put me in a bind to where I can't sit back and watch. I think Foster may be a 4pm game, but I am just probably going to not roll the dice on him this week.
  14. TonyB1972

    Jeremy Hill for Woodhead?

    I like Woodhead more in a full point PPR myself, he was top 10 in every one of my leagues last year, and in mine that has distance scoring, he was #3. Yeah, he is getting older, but it is not like they are ramming him inbetween the tackles every play either to kill him. I will take his, he is older and may produce less production, over a guy that has a pass catcher that will 100% take points/opportunities from him. 0.5 PPR is probably a toss up, but full PPR, not close for me.
  15. My buddy took a offensive lineman (well tried, messed a name up), took Steve/Chris Everett, something like that a long time ago, we still give it to him about that, and then later in the same draft, he took Ben Coates I think was his name, the TE for NE a long time ago, and proclaimed he was a bad white man (he's black!). Oddest thing this year, two things come to mind, that same guy took Eifert way too early (like round 6 in a 10 team league, usually a 12, hate 10 teams), then grabbed his backup. Someone also took V. Cruz in like the 9th round (seems crazy to me, that is like last round if you somehow think he is going to make it back).