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  1. Vertical Smiles

    Maroney against MIA

    Maybe one of NE's linemen will instruct Maroney to kneel down at the 1, then Brady can play pitch and catch with Moss for all of the TD's.
  2. Vertical Smiles

    roydell williams

    I'm considering him as well to replace Mason this week who has a terrible matchup. However, the Jets are terrible against the run and actually decent against the pass, so I expect Fisher's gameplan will be to run it down their throats. My criteria for a waiver wire receiver this week are: a game that matters for at least one of the teams, player is not in danger of getting benched for younger talent or to rest an injury, decent weather or dome, and a decent QB throwing the ball. That said, I'm concentrating on receivers in the the following games: NO/Philly,Wash/Minny game, Tenn/NYJ game, Giants/Buffalo, Dal/Carolina. I've narrowed it down to Roydell, Sinorice Moss (Because of Shockeys injury), Bobby Wade, Colbert, and Kennison (because Detroit just sucks).
  3. Vertical Smiles

    FF Playoffs Haiku's

    I prevailed last week Against LT and AP So it can be done
  4. Vertical Smiles

    3 DEF Starters Out for Indy

    Last week after Brock, Bethea, and Mathis all got injured, the Indy Defensive subs did a great job, albeit against an inept Baltimore offense. Not that Oakland is any offensive powerhouse, but does the Indy D drop a few spots in the rankings due to their absense and is Fargas a better play since two of those guys are on the D-Line? I thought the Indy D was a slam dunk against Oakland, but now I am not so sure.
  5. Vertical Smiles

    Sit Addai?!?!

    I'd only consider Branch over Addai, and I'm not sure I'd even do that. I see a lot of combo yards for Addai this week against Baltimore; NE found a way to get Maroney involved via the pass and I think Indy will copy. The other two are too risky.
  6. Vertical Smiles

    best def weeks 15 and 16

    While Tampa's D has been solid, they have not been fantasy machine like GB's defense. I think you stick with Green Bay and don't be scared by the away games. Please see mine.
  7. Vertical Smiles

    Need help with my flex spot

    Even with 1ppr, AP will keep up with Marshall. Take AP and the combo yards plus catches. Holmes is too much of a risk Please see mine
  8. Vertical Smiles

    alrite fellas help me out

    Branch and Barber. Seattles RB game is still average at best. Hell, I'd play Branch AND Engram if I could. Please see mine
  9. RTsports just reported a scoring change for a Kitna INT to a Kitna fumble and an extra sack for Minny. Gotta believe this changed the outcome of some game somewhere and maybe even playoff implications.
  10. Vertical Smiles

    I need help picking my second wr....please help

    My order would be: 1. Plaxico 2. BMarshall 3. Calvin Please see mine
  11. Vertical Smiles

    Which WR to start

    Gotta agree with BW. Crayton is too inconsistent - this one could be over by half-time and then it will be the JJ and MBIII show. Start Henry - I expect him to find the end zone barring a white out (check the weather). Leave Burress in your lineup as long as he's starting.
  12. Vertical Smiles

    Pick 1 QB and 2 WR

    Tough QB choice: It would be hard to justify sitting Favre, but Tennessee will find the running game tough to come by, so I see Young throwing and running a lot more than usual. They may both finish with the same passing numbers, but Young will have the edge due to running yardage. Go Young. WR: Normally Furrey, Toomer, and Fitz. Chambers should only be in your lineup if Fitz isn't active. Please see mine
  13. Vertical Smiles

    Playoff berth on the line - Need RB, WR & QB advise (non-PPR)

    QB: Bulger - should be a shootout and Warner won't make it through the Seattle game. RB's: Addai - gotta play your studs and he will get tons of pass yardage. AP, solid but unspectacular - will get lots of touches. And flip a coin between Fargas and Kolby. Heads its Fargas. (KC has too many issues at QB and the OLine for him to effective, even against Denver.) WR: Driver; should see more opportunities than Holmes. Neither will probably score so don't get your hopes up. Please see mine
  14. Vertical Smiles

    Do You Start T. Jones or H. Ward?

    Holmes will take the pressure off of Ward this week a little; If Edge couldn't score on Cleveland, Jones will ge his usual 50-60 yards, 0 TD, and 1 reception. Go Ward. Please see mine
  15. Vertical Smiles

    playoffs this week, need some help

    Alexander (he will score - I think Zona gets smoked this week). Roddy White (huge game against a crappy NO defense, at home, with no weather issues in a dome)> Hines Ward (should be even a better option with Holmes coming back) Cooley (Campbells goto guy, Witten is too up and down).