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  1. KSB2424

    AOC and the "Green New Deal"...

    Count me in on common sense legislation to promote “green” ideas based on the science we currently know. With that said this Green New Deal is the single dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Good Grief.
  2. KSB2424

    AOC and the "Green New Deal"...

    The earth will die in 12 years folks
  3. KSB2424

    Favorite band from the "Grunge" era / scene?

    1. Alice in Chains 2. Pearl Jam 3. Nirvana
  4. KSB2424


    I do Twitter. It’s great to follow your sports teams, music bands, and news. Instant news and what’s happening. I don’t follow individual players (save for Tiger) or celebrities. My wif does IG. Her mom lives out of town and shares pics of the kiddos. Her and all her girlfriends follow each other. Neither of us use Facebook or anything else. Social Media is what you want it to be.
  5. KSB2424

    Maga crowd

    It’s a slogan like Hope and Change was. For me it simply implies Trump is dedicated to putting Americans first. Jobs, trade agreements, safety, world organizations, etc etc.
  6. KSB2424

    Zion Williamson’s shoe

    Alright couple things here. 1. UNC versus Duke in Cameron is always a hot ticket. Last year was 2k for a ticket and this was before Zion. It's simply supply and demand. Cameron only holds like 9 thousand people and its a bucket list item for people. 2. I don't think Zion was hurt all that bad. Mild knee sprain. I think it scared him and his family and he stayed out of the game for precautionary reasons. 3. Unlike the NFL there are very few instances where an injury kept a lottery pick like this out of the lottery. May drop some but you get the picture. Skipping the season would be dumb IMO and knee jerk reactionary overkill. 4. With that said the one and done rule is dumb. Its an NBA rule though, not a NCAA rule.
  7. Breaking News. Sources have confirmed that Jussie Smollett is pulling for Duke tonight.
  8. This is well done and so true.
  9. KSB2424

    Howard Schultz

    Thanks for posting that. He seems to at least be authentic.
  10. We all have to live with the choices we made.
  11. Nothing? Would or Should the FCC have the authority to fine media outlets for unethical or disingenuous reporting? Obviously a Free Press is a basic pillar of a democracy. However there has to be checks within any establishment.
  12. KSB2424

    National Emergency

    Y’all do know legal immigration is still okay. Always has been in this country, which is one of the most diverse in the world. I just don’t understand how curbing illegal immigrants is a divided topic. It wasn’t two years ago.
  13. KSB2424

    LGB versus T

    Even Homosexuals can grasp that Transgenders shouldn't be allowed to compete in sports that don't match whats under the hood. How is this even allowed at all? It's not about acceptance.....its about logic and fairness to all. You do you, Transfolks. I'm sorry for whatever reason your insides don't match your outsides. But you have to come to grips with the fact that you are different and while you should be treated fairly you just cant play womens sports or go twinkle in the little girls room. I'm very sorry your unique situation dictates these common sense things.
  14. KSB2424

    LGB versus T

    More and more LGB and Feminists will be speaking out against stuff like this. I mean, how can a true feminist be for Jim beating Kim in the 100 meters and taking her scholarship?