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  1. Old School

    Daytona 500

    If any of you guys are familiar with Sam Bass- the artist who designed many of the paint schemes for the drivers and did the program cover art work for Charlotte and other tracks- Sam passed away yesterday. Great guy who managed to live his dream, combining his love of NASCAR and his artwork to earn a living. The 600 at Charlotte was always special, hang at Sams art gallery during the day, walking distance to the track.
  2. Ummm...isn’t the VA Governor actually a democratic?
  3. Pretty focked up- shot outside his home- he made it inside and died
  4. Old School


    And now the rebuttal- from a non elected person who holds no political office- “I hate Trump” that is all
  5. Old School


    And why won’t they show the mooslum during all this talk about anti semitisum?
  6. Old School


    So clue me in- what exactly do the white sheets/ suits/ what ever - what does that represent?
  7. Old School


    Some of these Politicians will not applaud anything. Fighting sex trafficking- increased jobs- lower taxes- nothing!
  8. Old School


    No $hit
  9. Old School

    Happy Football Day- Super Bowl Edition

    Good call
  10. Old School

    Waylon Jennings question

    Aint no God in Mexico Aint no comfort in the can
  11. Old School

    Update on what I've been up to lately

    Best of luck- hopefully the local inspectors take it easy because of it being a school and all. Then again, you are a round eye trying to succeed, so theres that. Best of luck!
  12. Old School

    Noon. 8 Shots in

    Are you new here?
  13. Old School

    Hello all....it's been a minute

    Rats ass Welcome back
  14. Old School


    Not too worried about advertising- a sign in the yard and a listing on a couple local websites and it should have an offer within 2 weeks. More concerned about a shister trying to be us in some leagaleze Im researching some flat fee agaents who will help for $1500 or so. Hoping to move into a newer home and get rid of the mortgage.
  15. Old School


    Anyone done a for sale by owner on their home? What/ who did you use for the legalities and what did it cost you? We are in a pretty hot area. House will move fast. Dont want to pay 6% but dont want some shister to rob us. Yeah- Im clueless.