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  1. FrogAssassin

    How focking stupid is Ohio

    My wife's cousins house was broken into and a bunch of jewelry pawned at 2 local shops nearby. They caught the thief and got some of jewelry and items back. Get this, They have Id'd the stuff that they pawned, it is at the pawn shop, and SHE HAS TO PAY THE PAWN TO GET IT BACK. Evidently there was a law passed that the cops just cant take it back into evidence and return it to the owner. She has to pay for it. She isnt sure yet if she has to pay the interest on it. How up is that. Paying for lawyer Losing money having to go to court to say, Yes thats my stuff, Then having to pay for your own back that was stolen. All the while this piece of has a free attorney, food stamp ranger who doesnt have to pay for . Man this country is getting more focked up by the minute.
  2. FrogAssassin

    Why all the love for the Browns in free agency

    Dqwell wasnt really that good. Hawkins has serious potential, super fast. Personally Its great the see the browns doing something. Dumping Banner and Lombardi, Working on FA, trying to get rid of some middle of the road talent. Revis would be a great play, and he would be coming to the same system. but serious $$$ Im looking forward to the browns and seeing what they are trying to accomplish. I was hoping they would be able to work Alex Mack trade for Revis or some kind of package deal. Ward was a 1 trick pony. Good guy, worked hard. Just wasnt in the cards for him in this system.
  3. FrogAssassin

    Bucs CUT Darrelle Revis - Official

    Hes good, and did fine with the surgically repaired knee. Love to see the browns get him across from Haden, but hes going to want 12-15mil Too rich, but now they could get him without giving up a draft pick.
  4. FrogAssassin

    Ultimate Prediction

    Here it is.... Browns get SOLD AGAIN and moved to some town who loses their team to LA. You heard it here first. It may take 2 years..but FYI, its gonna happen.
  5. Didnt the cowboys have a good crew..with Pearsons, Staugbach, and cant remember the TE name. Showin my age now. Loved watching them as a kid. Danny White did it all.
  6. FrogAssassin

    Neck tattoos and just not giving a fock.

    What about face tats? Mike Tyson lol..what a thug. What a jar of crazy.
  7. FrogAssassin

    Who's your top 5 QB's of all time?

    How do you not mention Otto Graham, How many championships before the superbowl?
  8. FrogAssassin

    Name your top 5 favortie tv shows of all time

    Mash All in the Family Hill Street Blues St. Elsewhere Star Trek
  9. FrogAssassin

    Ive had enough of Gays.

    I think that society has been more than accepting of gays. Its all over the place. Im tired of having it in my face 24 hours a day. Fine, your gay I DONT FOCKING CARE!!!!! I DONT NEED TO HEAR ABOUT IT CONSTANTLY. I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW A SEXUAL PREFERENCE HAS TO BE A NATIONAL STORY!!! I AM NOT SYMPATHETIC TO GAYS!! They are people, just like the rest of us. Just live your life and leave me alone. I work with you, I will treat you with respect, if your a jerk, Ill treat you like a jerk, just dont shove it in my face every chance you get!!! If someone says the bible states that being gay is a sin. Fine!!! Why crucify them?? Its what the good book says. Hell, history books have been changed so much to be politically correct kids have no idea what the world is really like or how it has changed. You can come up to me flag waving and shoving your gayness in my face, but if I disagree with your private lifestyle I am now a Hatemonger? Get bent! Gays, just STFU and live your lives quietly like everyone else is trying to do. QUIT TRYING TO BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU REALLY ARE!!!!! You gays sit in your dark little corners vomiting up past abuses and then feasting on them again to throw up at the next time someone says its a sin. Forget calling them gays. The new word is SNIVELERS!!!
  10. FrogAssassin

    Welker playing this week?

    Any word on welker? I heard he didnt practice. Is caldwell in line for a good day like last week. SB game..and im up against a stud team.
  11. FrogAssassin

    Romo Owners in the Playoffs

    I have foles in over romo as we speak. Romo has carried me to the playoffs and I hate to bench him now. In our leagues scoring system he has averaged 27 ppg. Foles 19 ppg Its amazing I have even competed this year Romo C Johnson R. Rice S. Ridley Graham (my savior) Coppertone Hauschka Torry Smith Keenan Allen (waivers) Harry Douglas (waivers) And so many one week wonders I get from this board that has kept me in it.
  12. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24370016/watch-you-dont-want-to-encounter-the-steelers-cody-wallace-in-a-pile Grab the Gorgon! Punch the taint!! Scroll down to the 2nd animated gif. Freaking hilarious!!!!
  13. FrogAssassin

    NFL = WWF

    I have to agree Edjr. I think he has me confused with some other amphibian. I never rant.
  14. FrogAssassin

    NFL = WWF

    First off..this sig I just found off the browns board forum and I thought it was hilarious. First off..yeah Im venting for my team, second I can look on the bright side and say that helps our draft picks (another loss). But for all intents and purposes I just want a game called fairly. The Greg little strip wasn't nearly as bad..they were blowing it for forward progress because he was getting mowed backwards. Im not the only one who says it was a bad call. Sorry about Gronk tho, that sucks and its all because of rule changes. Tired of how ESPN sucks Brady off ever week also.
  15. FrogAssassin

    NFL = WWF

    Browns Vs. Patriots You could see that ending coming a mile away. It is so evident the refs dont even try to hide it anymore. Im all for healthy competition, but seriously the browns were robbed. I felt like I was watching the WWF. You know who is going to win, just not sure how crazy it is going to be when it happens. Sorry to gronk fans and owners, this is the new NFL, just unlucky. Gordon and Cameron got the same hits during the game, just no planted feet. I may quit watching until they fix this. Just horrible. Those ref's need fined or removed from the game. The edelman call was ridiculous. The PI, terrible. The NFL is just a shell of itself.