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  1. svtballa

    Ty Montgomery?

    Looks to be getting the majority of the RB reps tonight? Also has WR availability. Whos starting him?
  2. svtballa

    CJ Anderson

    Looked like a stud last night. top 10 rb
  3. svtballa

    Ballsy pick at #2 overall?

    julio hasent practiced since the dolphins injury. Im fading him
  4. I think people are trying to dissect too much with Zeke and over think things. Listen 2 years ago Murray was the #1 rb. Last season from Oct 25 till the last game (thats when Mcfadden took over starting duties) he finished as the #3 RB. Thats 2 straight season the cowboys have produced a top 3 starting RB. Now you see ALF look like a new man and ZEKE carving up a legit Seatle D. This kid is a lock to finish top 5. easy money
  5. svtballa

    better 3 man core?

    12 man standard league. 2WR/2RB/flex. Julio/Alshon/Latavius. Miller/Alshon/Watkins. ???
  6. svtballa

    Let's talk defenses....

    take a flier on Oakland. Looking like its going to be a very formaditable defense this year
  7. svtballa

    Lets talk Sammy Watkins

    From week 9 on he averaged 5.4 receptions a game and 100 yards. In that span he was the #3 WR. Some drafts hes being had int the 4th round. Thoughts on Watkins?
  8. svtballa

    FFT July PPR mock results

    Bell went at #5??????
  9. svtballa

    Hill or Gio?

    Good read here. Looks like he was playing through a knee and ankle injury. I am targeting Hill in all my drafts. http://www.cincyjungle.com/2016/7/22/12227972/bengals-2016-comeback-player-of-the-year-candidate-no-8-jeremy-hill
  10. svtballa

    .25 PPR

    I am joining a .25PPR league this summer. How would you guys approach? More towords a standard?
  11. svtballa

    Redzone Report

    Whats eye popping to me is Jeremy Hill. He posts fairly poor %s inside the 20/43% and 10/50% meaning Gio gets the ball more in those situations barring the 5 yard line. But hill has still led the League in TD'S over the past 2 years combined. The kid just has a nose for the Endzone.
  12. Are we or I overthinking things with Gurley? I keep telling myself tough schedule/unproven QB/Bad team ECT. But bottom line the kid a physical freak who is the focal point of an offense looking at around 280+ touches? I see some people with Bell/AD/DJ/E.E ranked ahead of him? this quick video sums it up. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/0ap3000000648573/Is-Ezekiel-Elliott-a-better-prospect-than-Todd-Gurley
  13. PPR 12 man league? Assuming Brown/Jones/OBJ are gone? Bell?Gurley?Hopkins?
  14. Second part was RB-B and how he under prerormed which was Hill. Bottom lime is Hill is being over looked this year. Sleep on him all you want but he will be on my roster.
  15. NO CHEATING!!! very interesting Running Back A" is a flat-out stud. Since he came into the NFL, no running back has scored more rushing touchdowns. In fact, since joining the league there are only five active running backs with more total fantasy points. If half the battle is just showing up, as the old saying goes, it's no surprise this guy wins so often. He never has missed a game in his NFL career, even after a season in which it seemed as if every running back got hurt. A true chain-moving workhorse, only three running backs have more first downs during the past two seasons than our guy who is also tough to tackle. Among active running backs, he's eighth in total yards after contact since 2014. But it's not just between the 20s for Running Back A, as only one back has more carries in goal-to-goal situations since he came into the league. He averaged 7 yards per reception and is involved in every part of his team's offense -- no RB/WR/TE touched the ball more on his team last season -- and that's a good thing, since last season his squad was one of the 10 highest-scoring offenses in football. Per Tristan H. Cockcroft's always-helpful consistency rankings, only six RBs were a "stud" more often last season (A "stud" being defined as a top-five finish at the position for the week). So he single-handedly carried your team for a week a number of times last season. Super consistent, he has been a top-15 fantasy running back every single year he has been in the NFL, he's coming off a career high in both touches and touchdowns, and with the offseason losses to the team's passing game, expect them to lean on Running Back A even more this season, making him an easy selection early in your draft.