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  1. mvbws1365

    Derek Carr or Jimmy Garoppolo?

    I know they both have terrible matchups, but any help would be appreciated. Also, Carr could be without starting left tackle and center. Thanks.
  2. mvbws1365

    PPR keeper question

    Cobb and Murray
  3. mvbws1365

    Which Keeper?

    Randle (but if you can afford to wait watch Murray and Raiders offense during preseason).
  4. mvbws1365

    Keeper Advice

    Anderson and Murray. Broncos will run a lot more this year and Raiders offense will be better.
  5. mvbws1365

    Keeper Question

    Thanks for the advice. I forgot to mention that I also have the option of keeping Brandin Cooks. So I have to choose 4 of the following 6 players: Rodgers Graham Sanders Murray Cooks Bryant Any responses would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. mvbws1365

    Keeper Question

    12-team keeper league and each team will keep 4 players (no keeper penalty). PPR, QB td's are 6 pts. I have to choose from Aaron Rodgers, Emmanuel Sanders, Jimmy Graham, Latavius Murray, and Martavis Bryant. I'm definitely keeping Rodgers, and leaning towards keeping Murray since most of the top RB's will be kept. I'm also concerned about what Graham's role will be with the Seahawks. I need help in selecting the remaining 2 out of 3 players. Thanks.