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  1. ST_Pete

    Kareem Hunt - Not Good

    Released ...
  2. ST_Pete

    League Drama

    The other guy paid his league fees like everyone else so let him manage his own team. If there is an issue, let the complaining owner submit a complaint to a fantasy football arbitrator. However, if there are zero signs of collusion, and not a major competitive imbalance then I dont see anything being overturned.
  3. ST_Pete

    rotoworld Doug Baldwin .... im confused

    I'm worried about whether he is actually going to be out there running routes. I have him or Chris Godwin...currently have Godwin in there but not happy about it. Pete
  4. ST_Pete

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    One last FU for me...needed 14 from cooks in .5 ppr...I get 14 but lose the tie breaker.
  5. Nee 14 from Cooks in .5 ppr. I would be sitting pretty if Breese didn't hook up with Kamara on 4th and 7 and up by 28.
  6. ST_Pete

    The Official Week 11 FU Thread

    I'm going to say FU to Payton. Up 40 in the 4th quarter and you go deep on 4th and 7. Going to need the Cook(s) boys to go off now.
  7. Kind of similar issue but I have Stinktree. I like the matchup and his target share if Flacco plays but not so much if they go with Jackson. Should I just roll with Baldwin tomorrow?
  8. ST_Pete

    Cook may play with a limited role ?

    I've got both, but it doesn't bother me to get Cook in there for a few series to be honest. I'd rather see him go out there and look health (perhaps even a little explosive?) this week than have to wait to see what happens next week. From a real football perspective, I do wonder why they play him this week - who knows, maybe he really is 100%?
  9. ST_Pete

    Josh Gordon to be disciplined tonight

    Went with Hogan...shocker, Gordon started.
  10. ST_Pete

    Josh Gordon to be disciplined tonight

    Double post: needing 5 in half point ppr...Hogan or Gordon? Wrong forearm.
  11. ST_Pete

    Josh Gordon to be disciplined tonight

    Need 5 points in .5 ppr and now this. joke
  12. ST_Pete

    Dolphins at Texans: In-Game Discussion

    Xavian Howard looks like the real deal. 2 catches 8 yards for Hopkins...
  13. ST_Pete

    Mike Evans ROS

    Lots of Jet sweeps to Evans?
  14. Need 41 from OBJ...so you're telling me there's a chance!
  15. ST_Pete

    Redskins at Saints: In-Game Discussion

    What the is going on? It was odd at first now it is flat out stupid. Reed is their most talented offensive player and he is in on 1/5 of the snaps.