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  1. shorepatrol

    Aaron Lewis

  2. shorepatrol

    What caused Funny Picture thread lock?

    That look on her face.
  3. shorepatrol

    John Wick

    All of the above is why I like the Wick movies. Not a unique idea, but it is put together uniquely and flows great.
  4. No chance it doesn't get to that within the next 50 years. It won't be pretty as one of the coasts is going to pay dearly.
  5. They can't be serious with that description.
  6. shorepatrol

    Five finger death Punch

  7. shorepatrol

    Five finger death Punch

    My son turned my on to them. Good band
  8. That statement makes it concrete you're a complete focking moron
  9. shorepatrol

    Lawmaker jabs teen in the face

    Kids need to realize actions have consequences. Good for him
  10. shorepatrol

    Lawmaker jabs teen in the face