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    4 RBs in the First 4 Rounds

    Is it a 10 team league? I'm pretty high on Melvin Gordon, but I've never seen him go after the turn in a league of 12 teams or more. I like the idea though.
  2. Man_of_Leisure

    Notable Cuts - NFL Rosters being trimmed

  3. Man_of_Leisure


    I'm most curious about field conditions. I've heard it's been raining a lot in that area.
  4. Man_of_Leisure


    Does it make sense to stay away from players in this game simply based on weather and possible field conditions?
  5. Man_of_Leisure

    Benny Cunningham

    Is this guy a filler for the first few week?
  6. My team sucked last year...had the brilliant idea of taking Graham in the first round. But the real pain was watching players on the other team blow up on me every weekend. Partial list of players that had their best week of the season against me: Forte, Forsett, Ellington, Ingram, Jeffery, Donnell and Phil Dawson. I won the title of points scored against by almost 100 point and this in a league where 60-70 will usually get you a win.
  7. I love the idea, but I have a question. It seems like it would really suck to be the 4th seed. You end up with whoever the other two don't want to play. Has this been a problem? We're on RTsports. No problem setting this up.
  8. I won my league going WR/WR. Granted, there were some newbies. I grabbed Megatron and then Dez Bryant on the turn. Took Lacy in the 3rd. Lamar Miller in the 4th which wasn't much help and then I got Bell. Went all rookies by grabbing Stacy off the wire. I did get lucky with the rookies, but the team really started scoring just as league playoffs began.
  9. If 90% were betting on the Broncos, the line would move. Vegas isn't in the betting business, it's in the middleman business.
  10. I went RB, RB, RB in a 14 man non-PPR drafting from the 10th spot. Didn't really plan it that way, but took players that fell to me; Ended up with McCoy, Forte and Murray. My receivers are Amendola, Torrey Smith and Hilton. 2-1 and leading the league in points. My loss was to the guy that had Rodgers last week against the Redskins. Pretty happy with my team. I think you just need to watch the draft unfold and make the best picks available with an eye towards what you need. Let the other owners make the mistakes.
  11. Man_of_Leisure

    About to shut my league down.

    We do something similar to this. Our league is $50 and we're in our 11th year. We require that all teams pay $150 prior to the draft or we look for a replacement. As commissioner, I've made a few exceptions to this but only for people that I feel comfortable covering. The extra $100 covers all fees generated during the season and covers the web site cost. As commissioner, I don't have to go looking for people to pay up. They actually come to me at the end of the season if they haven't used all of their $100. This year, almost everyone got their deposits from last year back at this years draft. It averages about $15. The really nice thing about this system is that winners get paid immediately after the playoffs end. No trying to finish collecting before payouts. That's the big reason that everyone in the league likes the system. We're fairly stable. We probably average one new person a year and we've had several leave but come back in a later season.
  12. Man_of_Leisure


    I'm in a couple of leagues that run on RTsports. A couple of guys at the draft asked about league sites that are free to use, specifically ESPN.com and NFL.com. Anyone have any good feedback on those two? Thanks.
  13. Man_of_Leisure

    3rd Round Reversal

    Anyone seen a mock site that supports a 3rd round reversal? Gracias
  14. Man_of_Leisure

    What makes your league unique? Share ideas here

    I think a couple of guys in our league that would try to lose on purpose.