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  1. Modified for new jersey. tebowmodify
  2. Dick Hertz

    Gronk replacement? Brady effect?

    I like Lewis with Henne throwing to him.
  3. Dick Hertz

    The 2013 NFL Draft Thread

    what up chad? looks like your ff team has gone the ways of the chiefs and royals out before it starts.
  4. Dick Hertz

    good trade?

    This is more lopsided than the trade in this thread. Ridley will finish top 5 back. McDaniels is still feeling out the offense. RG3 is better than Dalton Ridley better than MJD. seems like a fair trade.
  5. Dick Hertz

    Matt Schaub this week

    Arian Foster
  6. Dick Hertz

    Attention Geekettes

    Weight Watchers PX90 Jenny Craig
  7. Dick Hertz

    So I was in a bad car accident

    On the run.
  8. Dick Hertz

    So I was in a bad car accident

  9. You should have sent the money to crackattack for hookers and blow. oh and a new sneaker and sock.
  10. Dick Hertz

    So I was in a bad car accident

    no way she guesses now.
  11. Dick Hertz

    Bobby Valentine - Fired...

    Was this counted against the jobless rate?
  12. Dick Hertz

    Spousal pet-peeves

    She pees standing up.
  13. Dick Hertz

    National Anthem - Football Game - Hat - Skull Cap

    Probably have free phones too.
  14. Dick Hertz

    Rudolph vs D Thomas

    No brainer. Make the deal.