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  1. Viking14


    I gave him one last chance over BEN - what a mistake. I watched him in three games this year in two of them it was obvious - he needs a good pair of glasses. He cannot see.
  2. Viking14

    Hunter Henry- can he now be trusted?

    I dropped Kroft for Henry - still do not trust him
  3. Viking14

    doug baldwin ...u killin me

    Yet this site still has him ranked high this week. Hilton Baldwin - I played them - fortunately I had Julio, but he has more than limped in until last Sunday.
  4. Viking14

    Big Ben,Matt Ryan, Carr or Bortles?whir

    Same problem and I am going with Ryan. If Ben gets rolling he is great, but the road?? But Monday night - right?? For now I am using Ryan - I may change my mind.
  5. Viking14

    doug baldwin ...u killin me

    I think QB has to do all the production - how much in passing yardage did he throw?
  6. Viking14

    Julio Jones

    Who saw the game? Did he look healthy? Did he run by, through anyone? I saw the Sanu pass replay, it looked like the defender was confused, but I loved it. Too late for me, but it is still fun to get some points out of my first round draft choice.
  7. Viking14

    Julio Jones

    It is time to find the RB making receptions before Julio - he is old and hobbled.
  8. Viking14


    I played Woods and he looked like Julio. Seemed hurt early and finally was carted off from the sidelines. My kicker gets a concussion on the first kickoff. This is not my year!!!
  9. Viking14


    I sat Ryan for Big Ben, and right now I have Woods, LAR against the Vikes in place of Julio. Two games ago Ryan was in Julio's face and not yelling compliments. He may be hurt, but they would have been better off resting him then continually playing him. He has played, but output is not worth starting for the majority of the games. I can still change my mine. I really do not want Woods to go off against the Vikes.
  10. Viking14

    Aaron Rodgers - week 15 return?

    Agree if he is able to play week 15 it would only happen if GB has a chance for the playoffs.
  11. Viking14

    Emanuel Sanders or Robert Woods?

    Woods - is steaming, Vikes showed problems last week with defense, but do get their QB sacker back this week. Cinn defense is not that bad!?
  12. Viking14

    Help pick RB2 this week.

  13. Viking14

    Who does Rhodes defend?

    Usually plays on the left side of QB. At some point in the game he may shadow, if needed. He left the field last week for something, but have not followed up on that.
  14. Viking14

    Anyone like Martavis tonight?

    Will a younger Big Ben show up tonight. The old one is getting OLD!