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  1. Vtfanatic

    Need a lil playoff help

    I like Winston here. NO is better than week 1 but Dallas just exposed Apple and I expect them to attack him. Here is mine please: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=483228&do=findComment&comment=6370384
  2. TE help needed please. Burton or Smith, PPR?
  3. Vtfanatic

    David Johnson or Austin Ekeler?

    DJ and it is not even close
  4. Vtfanatic

    Gus Edwards? Leave link to yours

    Id keep Johnson. He may play this week and if not he should be primed for playoff run. Mine is: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482965&do=findComment&comment=6364992
  5. Vtfanatic

    Trade advice please

    In a 10 team ppr. RBs: Barkley, CMC, DJ and Chubb. WRs: Adams, Lockett, Baldwin Would you trade DJ for Sanders or Cooper and if so which one? Thanks.
  6. Vtfanatic

    Broncos at Cardinals: In-Game Discussion

    Cardinals ownership, I got Bruce Arians on line 1. Bruce what is your cost? Can be head coach and call plays again. Will give you McCoys and Wilkes salary
  7. Vtfanatic

    What you learned from your draft

    Took an extremely aggressive strategy in keeper auction league. Kept DJ and Danante Adams and then got Barkley as rb2 and CMC with flex. I got Stafford and Kittles (TE) for both $1 and ended up with Kupp or Benjamin as Wr2. Rest of bench included Kerryon Johnson and rookie wrs along with Dez. But you can really get qb, te and bench for minimal and focus on Rb and Wr. This was a 10 team league
  8. Vtfanatic

    Anyone else worried about Cook after tonight?

    I should have been clearer with my original post. I was deciding whether to keep Cook at 31 dollars or DJ at 62 dollars. Both weee coming off injuries. I went with DJ for the certainty. The concern was around Murray eating into Cooks snaps and goal line carries
  9. My keeper, auction league is tomorrow. Advice needed on strategy. I kept DJ and Davante Adams leaving me with a budget of 120. I am reserving 20 for QB,TE (18 for these) and K and D (1 each). That leaves me 100 for Rb, Wr, flex and 6 bench slots. Do I go go hard after Rb and flex on tier 2 Rb and fill bench with minimum value players or try and go middle of road? RBs remaining: Cook, Fournette, Kamara, Barkley, McKinnon, Collins, Drake, Miller, Freeman, McCaffrey, Howard Thanks for the input.
  10. Murray looked much more explosive. I am now concerned
  11. Vtfanatic

    Barkley vs Kamara in a 1 pt ppr

    I would take Kamara. Better OL and he has proven it already. I am a little skeptical of Barkley. I think he will be good but the hype has gone overboard.
  12. Vtfanatic

    Keeper league help

    I would keep Miller and Drake and try to land another top Rb
  13. Vtfanatic

    Keeper league questions

    Should I worry about Cook with his OL and McMurray cutting into his carries?
  14. Vtfanatic

    Keeper league questions

    I need some help in who to keep in a 10 team PPR auction keeper league. $200 draft budget where the players kept will have $$ removes from budget. Keeper values are $5 greater than price players were drafted last year. Here are my choices and I get to keep 2: David Johnson at 62 Dalvin Cook at 31 Davante Adams at 18 Originally leaning towards Adams and Cook but the more I look at it I am wondering if Johnson and Cook are not the choice given the depth at WR this year. Advice appreciated.
  15. Vtfanatic

    Anyone concerned about Foster?

    Foster has been getting TDs that are saving me, but his yardage numbers are very concerning over the last few weeks.