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  1. Its become Northern Massachusetts
  2. No hats in school sounds like the rule the color pink isnt racist but it seems a MAGA hat is to the young lady although I shouldnt bring gender identity into this
  3. Mr Fantasy

    Walmart to Hyde-Smith, we want our money back.

    Indian givers
  4. Mr Fantasy

    Name your top 3 beers

    Bissel Brothers The Substance Treehouse Julius Paulener Oktoberfest Marzen
  5. Very prominent nips. Id still give her a go
  6. Mr Fantasy

    new jihad being launched from fbg

    Very sad low energy betas over there , Im shocked squissy hasnt reported that thread
  7. Mr Fantasy

    Tom Cruise: Favorite 80's movie?

    Hate this putz Magnolia
  8. Mr Fantasy

    Are the NY Dolls overrated?

    Hell no. Absolutely hell not
  9. Mr Fantasy

    FBG kills "Who's Hottest" threads...

    Ive tried a few different Co accounts as a tip of the hat the past 2 years and were never accepted. Id love a SquistionCo handle
  10. Mr Fantasy

    FBG kills "Who's Hottest" threads...

    Favorite apostle poll seems in order
  11. Mr Fantasy

    Geek Club 'Who's Hottest?' Thread : Edition 1

    Need some bigger boobage
  12. Mr Fantasy

    Total Wine and More

    Best prices around and great selection
  13. Mr Fantasy

    Pope Francis : The Moonbat Pope

    Squistion I didnt know you posted here