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  1. We are now currently down to three player slots left...
  2. I honestly believe they shouldn't be punished. Their being payed millions of dollars to take risks, if they want to waste their money trying to hurt other players then thats their decision. It may be wrong, but players are extememly competitive. Not to mention, taking away Kickoffs, Above the Head hits, and Quarterback Rushing, your wrecking the game. The game is leading down a road that it may not recover from, people want to see big hits and amazing plays, not safety procedures.
  3. Klingman13

    Looking for a 10 team standard league

    If your still looking, http://fantasy.nfl.com/league/466149 check out our league, we need 6 spots to fill up by June-ish. Its FREE, should have a posting on here about it... If you want to discus it, you can reach me at engmank@live.com
  4. Forgot the link, lol, here it is, http://fantasy.nfl.com/league/466149
  5. Klingman13

    49ers Backfield

    well you had that thought out? lol, I'm probably not going to be drafting anybody from the 49ers this year, other than their DEF, David Akers, or Alex Smith.
  6. Klingman13

    49ers Backfield

    There are 4 potential starters in San Francisco. How do you think this situation will pan out?
  7. Klingman13

    Brandon Weeden

    It doesn't matter if Weeden or McCoy is playing because their pass attack is still going to lack the talent coming out of their recievers. Greg Little was a big flop of a draft pick last year and hardly managed to do anything. Mohamed Massaquoi hasn't really been talked about since 2010, and Benjamin Watson is on the low end scale of a fantasy target. McCoy is not a bad quarterback, you just need to get him some targets. I don't understand why Holmgrem took Weeden because what they really needed was an impact Wide Reciever like Justin Blackmon or Michael Floyd. If they had kept Hillis, drafted Blackmon, kept starting McCoy they could potentially have some offensive value, but instead they drop Hillis, draft RB Richardson, and QB Weeden. Their still out a WR. How do they not understand this?
  8. Klingman13

    Kevin Kolb

    Kolb has always been a hype hogger, but the cards signed him as their starting qb and he had only had like five games under his belt. Last Season he couldn't even stay healthy and when he did, he was throwing like 150 yards a game and at most 2 tds. With the right training and targets he will be an elite quarterback, but for now he has little to no value as a starting quarterback. John Skelton showed more enthuasiasm last year than Kolb did.
  9. Klingman13

    Packers Backfield

    1st - James Starks 2nd - John Kuhn (Primarily for Short Yardage Runs) 3rd - Alex Green 4th - Brandon Saine That should be the running back core lineup for this year, that is if Alex Green stays healthy.
  10. Hi I'm looking for 6 fantasy players to fill my league. The NFL.com is the website that it's on. The league is 10 man, basic 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF. 1 point for every 10 receiving or rushing yards, 1 point for 25 yards passing, 4 points for passing td, pretty much defaults. The league drafts in mid August and begins the first week of the season. Post, comment, or email me for more info or to ask to join. The league is free to join, no cost at all. I am looking for players who are active and do not hamper out after the draft. Heres a link so you can check it out. Returning players next year are Hwy 80 Longhorns, pythonidae, Cheesy Rice and Bean Burrito, plus one new team. 6 spots open! Invite your friends, Rivalries wanted!