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  1. Ditka vs. ______

    Temporary Medical Shack at FedEx

    Looks like there's a shytter behind the curtain. Nice on-field outhouse Washington - stay classy!
  2. Ditka vs. ______

    Lance Moore on Thursday Night

    I've got to decide on both Colston and Moore for Thursday night. The match-up is going to be rough. Here are the numbers you need to know. 1 - # of TD's scored by WR's against ATL in the past 3 weeks 2 - # of TD's scored by WR's against ATL in the past 5 weeks 6 - # of TD's scored by WR's against ATL this season 0 - # of games opposing QB's have thrown more than 1 TD to WR's in agame against ATL this season Take a look at the points given up to WR's by ATL this season. They shut them down. If you have another option to start, you should seriously consider it. ATL points given up to WR's http://www.fftoday.com/stats/fantasystats.php?o=2&TeamID=9024&Season=2012&PosID=30&Side=Allowed&LeagueID=117318
  3. Ditka vs. ______


    Absolutely worth starting this week. Top 10 WR this week.
  4. Ditka vs. ______

    Roster Dumping?

    That's BUSH! - Kick him out.
  5. Ditka vs. ______

    I can take it

    "Where did I go wrong?" It appears... Everywhere.
  6. Ditka vs. ______

    Coach Ditka had a STROKE?

    It was a Ditka stroke. Only a Ditka can take down a Ditka.
  7. Ditka vs. ______

    Chris Johnson

    Trade him now before it's too late.
  8. Ditka vs. ______

    Anyone taking a flyer on a potential trade target?

    Ivory and Blount seem like the 2 most likely candidates
  9. Ditka vs. ______


    1 million dollars
  10. Ditka vs. ______

    Greg Jennings owners....

    If you can get anything at all for him, you should take it. His only value is to someone who has room on their roster to stash him until a FF playoff run.
  11. Ditka vs. ______

    Stephen Hill Could Blow Up Today!

    Good idea - wrong player(s)
  12. Ditka vs. ______

    Anyone Buying Low on MJD?

    Lisfranc is one word -
  13. Ditka vs. ______


    A bump in waiver priority?
  14. Ditka vs. ______


    After Indy, he's back to being useless against tough run D's. Trade him while he still has value.
  15. Ditka vs. ______

    NO vs. TB