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  1. Djgb13


    Yea I had my doubts cause it’s DC and their track record hasn’t been great. But it was pretty entertaining. Story was good, the villain was pretty good, the way they acted was how you would think a kid who got super powers would act. If you like super hero movies you’ll like it
  2. Djgb13


    Went last night for an early screening of it. It was actually a good DC movie. Not too serious and had a good bit of comedy in it. For the guys who like going to see these kinds of movies I think you’ll be surprised that DC finally put out a decent movie
  3. Missed you too sweetheart 😘
  4. Djgb13

    Memba when: Trump said he was self-funded?

    I swear wiff hasn’t changed a dam bit. Still going on with his Trump rants
  5. Djgb13

    Motley Crew..the dirt...netflix

    They came to San Antonio right after I left. I believe they were touring with Poison and someone else. Can’t remember. Really wish I would have been able to go see them. I heard they put on a focking awesome show
  6. Canada has approved doctors prescribing medical grade heroin to patients. https://www.rehabsamerica.org/blog/canada-approved-prescription-heroin-–-what-this-means-for-the-u-s-184
  7. Djgb13

    Motley Crew..the dirt...netflix

    I saw it on Netflix last night and it looked really focking good. Planned on checking it out sometime soon
  8. Djgb13

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    Any word on how the cucks at footballgays are taking the news?
  9. Djgb13

    Anybody sit on an exercise ball instead of chair

    Nope. Did have a chair with a big foot rest that a previous doctor left behind so during my lunches I would take a nap on it.
  10. Djgb13

    Funny Picture thread

  11. Djgb13

    What's a good trade (job) ?

    My uncle is a mechanic of some sort. But not auto mechanic. He fixes a wide variety of things in his shop. Hes got a contract with the sewage treatment plant to fix their motors and stuff. Only downside is some of the stuff he fixes either smells like sh1t, has sh1t on it, or he has to go where the sh1t is and fix things. I guess most people around the town wouldnt do it because of the sewage. He saws he only sees dollar signs when it comes to it. Guy is pretty well off but youd never guess it. Bought my cousin whatever he wanted. Literally. Got him new vehicles all the time only for my cousin to pretty much destroy them. This is the same cousin whos now in jail for killing a girl while driving intoxicated. Uncle helped him out of trouble most of the time but this time he couldnt (and honestly I think he had enough of his shenanigans).
  12. Djgb13

    Were any of you into disco

    I know some of you are old enough to have been around when it was popular. Were any of you into it when it was popular? Such as going out disco dancing?
  13. Djgb13

    Night shift

    Ooh ok. I guess it all depends on if you have kids (at least ones living with you) and if your gf lives with you. My wife works nights and it works out fine with us. But the salary you said you make I dont think I would trade away my lifestyle for only an extra $200 a week. Unless the night shift work is a lot easier I would still pass on it.
  14. Djgb13

    Religious guys... How fervent are you?

    There are some things I just think are too much. I was raised catholic and have been with my grandma many times to this special holy place in Athens, GA (at least I think its holy, cant remember since I was probably 9-10 last time I went with her). Nowadays Im more of a common sense Christian. Where you do good, treat people right, help others, believe in God and Jesus, and worship them. Dont go to church as much as I used to. Mainly cause I havent found a good church around here that I like. One I went to in San Antonio had two separate places you could listen to the service. The main chapel where the preacher preached and the band played. However it gets loud in there. So my wife and I would sit in the *cafe* area that was a separate building but had a giant movie screen where they projected the service on. Could sip on a caramel macchiato while watching the service in a more relaxed atmosphere and not as much noise. My sister and her family either visited when they went to Italy or are planning on visiting the Vatican that has these doors (this is what I remember her telling me and cant remember the exact details so forgive me if some is inaccurate) that they only open once every ten years I believe. And if you walk through them then all your sins will be cleansed. That I find a bunch of bologna but I would still do it for the experience. Same with visiting Jerusalem. Never knew about the place where Jesus was crucified and the rock his body was prepared on was there (didnt think it would still be around) but I would definitely want to see it. I wouldnt be putting stuff on it and worshiping it like others but I would still be in awe about it.
  15. Djgb13

    Happy Football Day- Super Bowl Edition

    People that were saying the SB was boring have never played before. That was a defensive masterpiece. Those games where its tough to score points are from especially when playing