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  1. How did this get so many posts and OJ's knife fight got so few?
  2. tigeru

    So, La'el Collins...

    Who here is worried about an offensive tackles draft position for their fantasy team?
  3. I can't believe he was available
  4. tigeru

    C.J. Spiller joins Saints backfield

    If Ingram isn't traded by the holiday I'll be shocked
  5. tigeru

    Happy NFL new year folks

    That is all
  6. Hopefully cutup is next. Marshall has never been to the playoffs.
  7. tigeru

    Stick it to the Browns

    https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/other-nfl-teams-outraged-browns-185811337.html Someone will draft this piece of garbage ahead of Cleveland
  8. tigeru

    Looking for 2 new owners

    See if you can recruit weepaws in there you'll love her
  9. tigeru

    Sell Gordon

    Always a few dummies in every league who'll trade you
  10. This one topped Peyton 8 point Mannings performance last year
  11. tigeru

    Super Bowl T-shirt Contest

    Cut off was coin flip there sergeant
  12. tigeru

    Atlanta Faclons continue the cheating parade

    Poor Faclons. Farkins? Faulty?
  13. tigeru

    Super Bowl T-shirt Contest

  14. Saints bounty affected safety though which means money