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  1. So true. I was the 10th pick in 12 team standard league and I went WR, WR and ended up with A. Brown and R. Cobb, and it's paying dividends.
  2. footballgee

    Fanduel & Draft Kings...should we be worried?

    I hope they banned the out of it! because my god if I have to endure seeing one of those commercials again I would go postal on some mofo!!
  3. footballgee

    In Latavius We Trust!

    Murray over R. Jennings? I think Manning is going to air it out and just don't trust Coughlin with giving Jennings enough touches. But then I'm also worried about Chiefs D. They're playing at home and on a 3 game losing streak, so they could come out firing.
  4. footballgee

    Brandon Cooks

    Cooks over Vereen? Yes or no? I have a suspicious feeling that Vereen may bust out a big game as well. Should've known better not to draft a NE RB
  5. footballgee

    Oh dip! It's Shady's turn....

    I cannot believe what some of you all saying. I used to tip based on their performance or how "well" I was served, until the day I found out that restaurant industry has a monopoly over keeping the wages low over decades. Nobody can live and survive off a $3.50 an hour. According to the restaurant industry claims, we're getting cheaper food because of the low wages. So we should seriously reconsider our attitudes towards tipping even if the service is subpar. Seeing how Shady treated the staff there is just downright pitiful.
  6. footballgee

    Week 11 F U thread

    nvm. just saw that scrub rush for 7 yards
  7. footballgee

    Week 11 F U thread

    Is lamar miller out?
  8. footballgee

    Rivers or Stafford?

    Went with my instincts and started Rivers.
  9. footballgee

    Rivers or Stafford?

    Standard league. If I can remember correctly, Stafford hasn't had a very good record against the Bears D. I think Rivers is due for a big game after a letdown game last week. What do you guys think?
  10. footballgee

    Need Help starting RB2, Flex and TE

    Anyone? bueller?
  11. Non-PPR 10 team league. Starters, QB: M. Stafford, RB1: Spiller, WR1: Julio Jones, WR2: Victor Cruz. Bench: QB: P. Rivers, RB: L. Miller, D. Richardson, A. Bradshaw, G. Bernard WR: D. Bowe, D. Hopkins, J. Gordon. TE: J. Cook and J. Cameron. Need to fil up: RB2, Flex and TE
  12. footballgee

    Who blew up on your bench?

    I was the victim of starting Sudfeld over Cook bug
  13. footballgee

    Stumped - RB2 and Flex help please

    I mean one cannot be really sure how things are going to playout week 1, but what is the consensus out there whether there will be a RB committee or Miller would get most of the looks?
  14. footballgee

    Stumped - RB2 and Flex help please

    Thanks bruwayn1 for the advice! I was definitely leaning richardson in for either of the positions. in my opinion I think miller, bradshaw and bowe are definitely the riskier of choices. Thanks again!
  15. I'm in a non-ppr 10 team league. RB2: A. Bradshaw, Daryl Richardson and Lamar Miller FLEX: A. Bradshaw, Daryl Richardson, Lamar Miller and Dwyane Bowe. I have Bradshaw as FLEX and L. Miller as RB2 starting right now. Bradshaw banged up and may not get enough looks.......but.......going against OAK D. These choices just have risks written all over them! :-)