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  1. Brutal Brutus

    Fitzmagic in Miami

    I don't see Tua being a special talent worth tanking for. He's just another shot in the dark first round pick.
  2. Brutal Brutus

    The Free Agency Thread

    Tate to the Giants is a perfect match. A WR who doesn't run routes longer than five yards, for a QB who can't throw it more than five yards.
  3. Brutal Brutus

    Why is Carlos Hyde bouncing around so much?

    Based on talent I'd agree with you, but that strays so far from what we have come to know from Reid. Maybe he could be changing his philosophy, but Reid's RB usage history tells us one will become an every down back.
  4. Brutal Brutus

    The Free Agency Thread

    Does that include Lamar Jacksons rushes? Cause that will skew that number real fast.
  5. Brutal Brutus

    Odell Beckham Jr. traded to Cleveland

    His target share may go down, but I expect his quality targets to go up. Less defensive attention, and he has a QB that extends plays. Essentially, I see him getting less defensive coverage, and more time to get open on an offense that should score more and be on the field longer than the Giants. As of now, I'm buying Beckham and he's on my draft radar.
  6. Brutal Brutus

    Le'Veon Bell to the Jets

    4 years $52 million. 35 guaranteed... Was it worth it?
  7. Brutal Brutus

    Odell Beckham Jr. traded to Cleveland

    Steelers and Ravens have taken a beating in trades and free agency. Bengals always suck. Browns are now the favorite. Mayfield extending plays with those weapons, good luck to the defensive backs covering Beckham and company for that long.
  8. Brutal Brutus

    Is Full PPR Too Much Nowadays?

    I don't play ppr. As others have said it was meant to make WRs more valuable, so fantasy drafts weren't all RBs in the first 3 rounds. Now that WRs have caught up to RBs, the only purpose it serves is to down play the importance of TDs, and make third down backs relevant to a fault.
  9. Brutal Brutus

    Mr Guru re Tyreek Hill

    In fantasy, would rather have a Hill type who is more likely to get you 30 points or 5 points, or a guy like Davante Adams who was consistently around the 15 point mark? I lean Adams, but I understand the love for Hill and his ability to win you weeks.
  10. Brutal Brutus

    The Free Agency Thread

    The Cardinals need to sign 2 or 3 top linemen and I think they should make a strong push for Tyrell Williams. He fits their need for a big outside receiver that has some speed.
  11. Brutal Brutus

    Krafty move

    This part of your statement is completely untrue. Prostitution has opened the door for sex trafficking. Its become a massive problem and it's one of the worst crimes. Women and young girls are being abducted, ripped away from their lives and forced to live in terrible conditions and do unspeakable things all because perverted men want to pay for sex and some men want to make money on the perverts desires.
  12. Brutal Brutus

    Just heard Crabtree was released by Balt.

    Why? Are you Bears or Packers fan?
  13. Brutal Brutus

    Kareem Hunt signed by Brownies - 8 Game Suspension

    Unless I'm missing something, this contract could be for 10 games or less. It's a one year deal and he'll be suspended for a good portion of that. He'll be a restricted free agent, so I guess the Browns get the ability to match an offer but is it worth the bad press?
  14. Brutal Brutus

    Kareem Hunt signed by Brownies - 8 Game Suspension

    It will hurt Cubbs value, but there's likely a lengthy suspension coming.
  15. Brutal Brutus

    Role Players That Will Breakout In 2019

    You should start a poll on what the definition of a role player is.