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  1. Cloaca du jour

    Anyone cook with an Air Fryer

    Tyson makes a tequila lime wings in a bag... Holy hell they are awesome in an air fryer!!!
  2. Cloaca du jour

    Just got my infant kid a vasectomy

    Thanks for the blanks!!! 🔫
  3. Cloaca du jour

    I can't believe nobody even noticed

    New board...too many new things to notice
  4. Cloaca du jour

    Free weather app

    Better than a fiery
  5. Cloaca du jour

    2019 Edex Cup - Genisis Open - TEAMS

    Why not make it 12 for winner to 1 for last place?
  6. Cloaca du jour

    Just had my infant vaccinated

    I hope you realize...vaccines cause adults. Your gonna have that baby on the dime for a good 18 20 years
  7. Cloaca du jour

    What's your go-to salad dressing?

    Newmans ginger dressing like the jap restaurant places. I dont really have a go to...i like most any dressing. The paul newmans light italian that comes from mcdonalds...in the pouches.. freaking awesome!!! Cant find it in the bottle...its not the same....had someone send it from N carolina...not the same.
  8. Cloaca du jour

    2019 Edex Cup - Genisis Open - TEAMS

    Why cant u change it retro? what do the edex points mean? What are they for?
  9. Cloaca du jour

    Helpin a buddy out after too much to drink

    Dont think u watched till end...
  10. Cloaca du jour

    This is what will most likely kill the National emergency

    So your all good with pork? I would love to see line item veto myself.
  11. Cloaca du jour

    Daytona 500

    Days of thunder is the limit of my Nascar knowledge as well 😂
  12. The Ultimate Wingman https://imgur.com/gallery/SD48mKk
  13. Cloaca du jour

    Daytona 500

    Are they turning left this year??
  14. Cloaca du jour

    2019 Edex Cup - Genisis Open - TEAMS

    Winn grips has a hilarious commercial...like a drug commercial spoof.