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  1. Howyodoin

    Kaepernick or Morris in my flex?

    Morris , kappernick is just not doing well the past two weeks or so.
  2. Howyodoin

    Stafford or Ryan

  3. Howyodoin

    Help me beat my cocky brother! PICK 2 - PPR

    Baldwin and Royal.
  4. Howyodoin

    Torrey Smith or Roddy White

  5. Howyodoin

    Help me set my line up.

    Man ive kinda narrowed it down to Either Bell because Pitts D is horrid , and BenJarvus Green-Ellis, is allways a toss up for me, i am not sure veeren will play to much on monday so i just dont know i am up 36.4 pts right now agisnt the number 2 guy in my league i need this win and i am just not sure i need at least 8-9 pts from a rb to even have a shot with the team he has.
  6. Howyodoin

    Help me set my line up.

    I have Donald brown as my #1 rb right , now, At Qb i have peyton , Wr 1 i have welker , Wr2 i have Golden Tate and at TE Tyler Eifert , K is Vinateri , Dst is Houston so thats my line up , need a rb 2 and help with roddy or DeAndre at flex.
  7. Howyodoin

    Help me set my line up.

  8. Howyodoin

    Help me set my line up.

    I need help with Rbs and my flex . Just not sure at all who to pull the trigger on at Rb. Joique Bell Det - RB Shane Vereen NE - RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis Cin - RB Jonathan Stewart Car - RB Willis McGahee Cle - RB And i have a Flex problem Roddy White Atl - WR or DeAndre Hopkins Hou - WR please help a brother out lol. i am 5-5 in my league as it stands .