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  1. bbascom

    2019 check in

    I'm in and would be down for a $20 buy in this year.
  2. 2.14 - Tyler Anderson, SP, COL
  3. bbascom

    **Season Discussion**

    Running home so I can review my list. Will finish this thing as soon as I get home.
  4. bbascom

    **Season Discussion**

    Not sure how you got to Lambert already??? Mookz should be next after skipping Shotsup and Mora unless I missed a trade or something. 2.04 - Mookz' Sputtering O's 2.05 - GuardBluem Jays 2.06 - Black Trouser Trouts 2.07 - Mikes Metropolitans 2.08 - Just a Baby Bear 2.09 - Estimated Dodger 2.10 - Colt .45s 2.11 - Lambert's Lamebirds 2.12 - Teheran Me Apart 2.13 - Bad Rzeputation 2.14 - Boston Bound
  5. bbascom

    **Season Discussion**

    I know I took a little longer than the 2 hours earlier but it has been almost 4 now for CMH. We have less than 24 hours for the second round...and that includes sleepy time for everyone. First game is tomorrow night at 7:00 EST (Cardinals vs Cubs). We need to keep moving.
  6. 1.14 - Scooter Gennett, 2B/3B/OF, CIN
  7. bbascom

    **Season Discussion**

    Yeah. Not so much.
  8. bbascom

    **Season Discussion**

    Yeah, time is running short already. Only 2 picks in so far...yikes.
  9. bbascom

    **Season Discussion**

    It has been a fun week to be a Red Sox fan so far. I mean...wow...what a series against your boys.
  10. bbascom

    **Season Discussion**

    So yeah, just looking over last nights stats. I ended up getting 3 grandslams in one night. Moncada for CWS, Devers for BOS and Cespedes for NYM. Don't think I've ever had that happen before.
  11. bbascom

    **Season Discussion**

    Starting off this week with a PPD myself...definitely a strange start to the season.
  12. bbascom

    **Season Discussion**

    Just realized he was actually pitching for Texas...had no idea...but yeah, good start for him.
  13. bbascom

    **Season Discussion**

    Great start for the Sox...4-0 lead into the 8th and they give up 6 runs and the game...yikes
  14. bbascom

    First victim of supplemental bad luck

    Nope you lucked out, they picked this guy instead http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/22825272/minnesota-twins-ss-jorge-polanco-suspended-80-games-drug-violation
  15. bbascom

    **Draft Discussion**

    Had him on my radar actually too. Was stuck between him, Paxton and Tanaka but I don't trust Tanaka with how up and down he can be. Just hoping Paxton stays healthy this year.