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  1. iam90sbaby

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    They can still count on your vote 100% of the time though right?
  2. iam90sbaby

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    lolz https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/hollywood-stars-apoplectic-over-mueller-probe-findings
  3. Me neither. And I don’t really care, I’m a millennial but I could give two sh!ts about it. It just seems like a cheap way for older people to take shots at the young people in the work place without saying it directly to them. Everyone was young at one point and we all get old who gives af.
  4. Good point. If Gen Z/Millennials are in fact the sh!ttiest generation in the country, that is the direct result of the worst parenting in this countries history.
  5. 17-21 year olds in 2019 aren’t Millennials though, they are Gen Z. Millennials can be up to like 40 years old or something right now.
  6. I also want to add that millennials are the biggest working class in the country right now, so this amazing econony we are having is in large part thanks to us.
  7. Millennials do typically work longer hours than the previous generation AND for less money. While most of you were in mid level jobs at this time, there are a lot of millennials stuck in entry level positions because the old folks won’t retire (I guess they can’t, since they crashed the economy in 2009). Oh not to mention all the other expenses we have. You all didn’t have an internet bill, a cell phone bill, a million different cable package deals, expensive healthcare, a billion different electronics, WAY more activities and pressure to spend money, etc... the millennials you all hate are the ones that CNN put a microphone in front of and believe it or not most millennials aren’t like that. At least anyone I know. We make less and are forced to spend more it’s not an opinion it’s a fact. We’re also more responsible with credit cards and loans we take out.
  8. iam90sbaby

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    He still watches WWE and SNL, but we are wasting our time talking about current events just to make the work day shorter. I don’t get it.
  9. iam90sbaby

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    Does it bother you when people talk about things that are actually going on in the world? Why?
  10. iam90sbaby

    Instagram and Reddit search tips

    Here are some of my favorite subs. Your feed is going to suck until you sub to 30-40 Sub-Reddits. Here are the ones I usually waste my time on: /r/ActLikeYouBelong/ -Funny /r/AmItheAsshole/ - Funny (one of my favorites) /r/AskHistorians/ - Interesting /r/AskHistory/ - Interesting /r/assholedesign/ - Companies that make sh!tty products /r/battlestations/ - If you like PC gaming /r/BeAmazed/ - Amazing sh!t /r/BetterEveryLoop/ - Gifs that get better each time you watch them /r/blackmagicfuckery/ - One of my favs /r/buildapc/ /r/confession/ - Some of the confessions on this one are pretty wtf /r/Conservative/ - Conservative sub - completely unrelated to Donald Trump. Just regular conservatives. /r/ContagiousLaughter/ /r/CoolCollections/ /r/creepyPMs/ - I like reading this one late at night /r/cringe/ /r/Damnthatsinteresting/ /r/dataisbeautiful/ /r/DIY/ /r/Documentaries/ /r/dontdeadopeninside/ - Funny /r/Entrepreneur/ - A lot of good brain storming in this thread /r/explainlikeimfive/ /r/formula1/ /r/Futurology/ - Future stuff, really cool /r/GamePhysics/ /r/HistoryPorn/ - Another one of my favs. Really cool pictures (sometimes colorized) from history. /r/holdmyredbull/ - People being crazy /r/howto/ - A good place to pow how to questions /r/humblebrag/ - Another great one. This is the cousin to the cringe sub. /r/iamatotalpieceofshit/ /r/iamverybadass/ - Couple of you need to go here and realize how stupid it is when you try to be a keyboard warrior /r/iamverysmart/ - Perfect sub for @naomi & @cbfalcon /r/IDontWorkHereLady/ /r/instant_regret/ - Classic /r/interestingasfuck/ /r/knowyourshit/ /r/LetsNotMeet/ /r/lifehacks/ /r/MicroPorn/ /r/mildlyinfuriating/ /r/misleadingthumbnails/ /r/modelmakers/ - People build some really cool stuff on here /r/motorsports/ /r/MovieSuggestions/ /r/nevertellmetheodds/ /r/nononono/ - People doing stupid stuff and getting hurt as a result /r/nostalgia/ /r/OldSchoolCool/ /r/OopsDidntMeanTo/ - Funny/Cringe /r/OutOfTheLoop/ /r/pcmasterrace/ - EVEN IF YOU DON'T PC GAME OR GAME AT ALL SUB THIS THREAD /r/Perfectfit/ /r/pettyrevenge/ /r/powerwashingporn/ - For some reason I love watching people power wash stuff, so satisfying /r/Prematurecelebration/ - People celebrating victory early. Focking hilarious. /r/quityourbullshit/ /r/Republican/ /r/sadcringe/ /r/Showerthoughts/ - This sub use to be cooler kinda lame now /r/thatHappened/ /r/The_Donald/ /r/theartofracing/ /r/TheNewRight/ - Young conservatives /r/therewasanattempt/ /r/Tinder/ /r/trashy/ /r/TrueOffMyChest/ /r/UnresolvedMysteries/ /r/UnsolvedMysteries/ /r/watchitforthecat/ - NSFW /r/WhyWereTheyFilming/ /r/Whatcouldgowrong/ /r/yesyesyesyesno/ /r/youseeingthisshit/ That should keep you busy for a while.
  11. iam90sbaby

    Instagram and Reddit search tips

    The end of Reddit. I remember when I was 20 and FB was cool as sh!t. Then everyones parents got on, their grandparents, now it’s the lamest social media site on the net full of the cringiest memes known to man. RIP Reddit, it was a hell of a ride. 2005-2018
  12. iam90sbaby

    Instagram and Reddit search tips

    It was taken down way before that.
  13. iam90sbaby

    Florida man Challenge

    Educate yourself: https://ballotpedia.org/Florida_Sunshine_Law
  14. iam90sbaby

    Mueller Time is officially over. Predictions?

    Looks like you got all the talking points down this morning from your masters, nice!
  15. iam90sbaby

    Best action movie star

    Actually, it was me. I picked him purely because he is from Orlando.