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  1. iam90sbaby

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    Sounds like someone who watches to many movies thought something like that would be a good idea 😂
  2. iam90sbaby

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    And the ACLU will still list this as a crime.
  3. iam90sbaby

    Jussie Smollett (Empire) claims he was assaulted by MAGA guys.

    Did anyone even know who this guy was or what show this was before this happened? Ghetto TV.
  4. iam90sbaby

    National Emergency

    It’s the biggest story because the msm has had it out for Trump since the get go. Even if it was identical to the one Obama signed itd still be the #1 story. Obama did a fantastic job of focking the country up while in office and a NE to fix illegal immigration was needed since you all were unwilling to come to the table. I guess you can take the high road next time you’re in office, not sure when that will be.
  5. iam90sbaby

    National Emergency

    You never answered my about Obama using a NE for DACA. Where was your outrage for Obama’s 12 NE’s? There is a real issue at the border and Democrats wanted a wall just a few years ago. Also Obama already used a NE for border security.
  6. iam90sbaby

    National Emergency

    Border Patrol says it’s an issue. If anyone would know it would be them I’ll take their word for it. When you say it “isn’t a problem” what does that mean? When you drive to work you personally don’t see any illegals? Could you elaborate a bit more?
  7. iam90sbaby

    Amazon not coming to NY

    Democrats elected a racist Governor in VA A rapist Lt. Governor in VA Democratic policies scared Amazon away Thats just in one month. Put a nail in 2020 you all are done.
  8. iam90sbaby

    National Emergency

    What’s your opinion on Obama using it for DACA? Was that a national emergency?
  9. He called the Maricopa Sheriffs department to talk about an international issue in Palestine? What a dumb fock. I wonder where he got that idea from?
  10. Beard that young? Definitely a terrorist
  11. iam90sbaby

    National Emergency

    You realize Obama already called 12 National Emergencies and one was a national emergency for cartels at the border. I don’t know the specifics but the precedent has already been set. And the fact of the matter is there is an emergency at the border and one side is activitly working against fixing the problem. You also know there is funding in the budget Trump just signed for a wall in Ukraine and Poland.
  12. iam90sbaby

    National Emergency

    if you vote Democrat at this point you’re either a queer or a minority
  13. iam90sbaby

    Thugs destroy a gas station

    It wasn’t a race issue is what I am saying, it was a trade/cost/production/durability issue. They wouldn’t of cared if they were green.
  14. iam90sbaby

    Thugs destroy a gas station

    And both locations have ideal shipping routes to the new world. Their thought process wasn’t “let’s get the blacks instead of the poor British whites because they are less of people.” But in reality it was because they got more production vs the cost. Again it was about accessibility not racism. “Let’s get the blacks and make them slaves because they are black.” - racist “People with darker skin are able to last longer in the heat and produce more.” - not racist and a perfectly fine analysis for what was a legal trade during that time.