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  1. SAA

    Kalen Ballage Time

    That's what I am looking for in this thread! Speculative Keeper for 5th round next year in 10 team league? Wont know this answer until next August/September, I suspect. But need to get him on roster now to have the option available.
  2. SAA

    Fournette value?

    Good trade.
  3. Who to start? C Davis or D Baldwin?
  4. SAA

    Mark Ingram

    Brees needs 271 yards to pass Manning on the all-time list. I suspect the Saints go out of their way to make sure he breaks the record in front of the home crowd. In other words, lots of passing for at least this next game. Then resort to more of what we saw last year.
  5. SAA

    Keenan Allen reality vs expectations

    I'm trying to trade for him, as his owner has benched him. I offered Corey Davis and Matt Breida or Doug Baldwin and Matt Breida for him.
  6. SAA

    injury bug fun

    Murray either way
  7. SAA

    Trade Help!

    I'd do it! Take Hunt! It's not a no-brainer, but I think you have enough depth to do it. I like Michel for later in the season. I think he can cover your decreasing depth at RB. Tough losing Robinson, but Enunwa is a pretty good option.
  8. One last thing. Apologies for posting on wrong forum. I will now start using "Little Help"
  9. Keeper league. Can keep 2 players. Can Keep 1 player round 2-5 at a cost of 1 round from previous year's draft and 1 player drafted after the 6th round. Kamara went undrafted, thus was my 5th rounder this year. Thomas was Kept the previous year as a 5th rounder and thus was now my 4th rounder this year. In a 10 team league, I drafted 10 and again at 11= Hunt, CMC. I like to draft for value rather than position. Perhaps I went overboard this year with RB. But my thought was, I could package a couple solid RBs for a really good WR later. Then reload with best player available in free agency (this week= G Bernard; not a need, but highest value available in my eyes). Some offers I am considering: Bernard and Brenda for: Schuster or Sanders or Tate Then I started thinking big at WR and thus was thinking Hunt and Breida for Julio Jones, which is how I presented this post. Given my depth at RB, do you think it is a good move on my part? (looking for validation)
  10. I foolishly left off the scoring and now fixed it in my signature (.5ppr) as well as number of positions started.
  11. Fair trade? Who would you rather have?
  12. SAA

    David Johnson trade value

    Agree with this.
  13. Agreed. That's actually what I set out to do. The owner of Golden Tate and Emanuel Sanders is interested. (His partner already signed off on either). Who would you rather have between Tate or Sanders? (Tate does have the same bye week as Michael Thomas unfortunately).