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  1. Swampdonkey

    CBS farked again

    Who cares if they had a mess up and it was 0 for a minute, yahoo had a minute where all my scores were 0. Then it was fixed... What's the complaint ?
  2. Swampdonkey

    Sammy Watkins vs John Brown

    John brown for sure but on some daily leagues I went w a couple lineups w Sammy
  3. not only do you have to hit big with your one or two sleeper guys, your other guys can't bust either haha
  4. Swampdonkey

    Fanduel - Straight up? Step inside......

    I agree with the post above haha why would the Sharks waste time with 5 dollar buy ins that can bring thousands lmao and If you feel so strongly against the million dollar prizes like I do... Play in the entries that are only 100 people or 50 people and it pays bigger for the top 25%.... I mean that's what I do.... And I play in a few 25k payouts with 6,000 people. That sounds better to me than 1 million... With that said, if I was a computer hacker, I'd win me a mil
  5. Swampdonkey

    Kam is Back

    Ya I hope he botches this whole season so he doesn't get a dime more.
  6. lot of people who have hobbies or play sports that suck haha, some people aren't dedicated like us lol
  7. Swampdonkey

    Fanduel - Straight up? Step inside......

    lottery isn't supposed to be the same as fantasy because lottery is just numbers, no rhyme or reason
  8. I think it COMPLETELY depends on who you have on backup. Nothing is a clear cut decision.
  9. Swampdonkey

    Fanduel - Straight up? Step inside......

    I was under the assumption you could search every players lineup history and that's why he knew the guy only entered 3 lineups that week and all 3 won ???
  10. Swampdonkey

    Fanduel - Straight up? Step inside......

    The lineup isn't the problem man. The problem is a brand new guy, with no previous expierence on his account, creating the winning roster with one shotand no other lineups at all and entering the same one in 3 big money tournaments.. Are you not reading this ? That's the issue, we've already beat it in the ground. If the guy had previous weeks of play or even other losing lineups. But really, to say the guy made an account, made one lineup, entered the same one in 3, and win, is ridiculous.
  11. Swampdonkey

    Who are you benching and who are you starting? Week-3

    I've got jstew and Ingram.... And joe Randle....and Foster ....I don't know WHO THE HELL to start !!
  12. Swampdonkey

    Fanduel - Straight up? Step inside......

    You ever done the head to head ones with just one guy?
  13. Swampdonkey

    Fanduel - Straight up? Step inside......

    That's the object though. You know you have to pick the cheapest player available at one position and a higher costing guy at another position. And if they both have a 20 point game you win..... Everyone knows that. I'm consistently on the winning money end of daily fantasy. But I wouldn't ever play the huge amount ones
  14. Swampdonkey

    Fanduel - Straight up? Step inside......

    I agree that playing 3 of the same lineups in 3 different big money tourney has fishy written all over it. But none of fantasy is skill... Lol You study all offseason, watch fantasy of TV, read all the articles imaginable, and you either a. Get an injury. Or b, lose to a guy who picked a defense in round 6 and a kicker in 7 lmao, I mean daily fantasy is exactly what everyone thinks it is... Luck. I bet if you took all 500 people from a football game and got a daily lineup before they walked in the gate, you'd have the same scenario. I'll keep playing, double up quadruple up and win a little at a time. And as long as I can come out even at the end of the year. I will have played all year for free and had a lot of fun doing it But to the original post, 3 contest and 3 huge wins and he just joined, along with the other guy who finished 3rd in 3 contest and ONLY 3 contests by each is ridiculous.
  15. Swampdonkey

    Fanduel - Straight up? Step inside......

    What's a decent hit to you ?