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    Does anyone remember laughter?

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  1. Big Guy

    Funny Picture thread

  2. Big Guy

    WoodStock 50

    Robert Plant is the only one on that bill I'd want to see. And even though much of the rest is crap IMO, so was the original Woodstock.
  3. Big Guy

    Lock Them Up!

    I don't google lol let me just ask this.... Is there more or less proof of this than there "was" of Trump / Russian collusion?
  4. Big Guy

    Lock Them Up!

    did you see this on real news or CNN?
  5. Big Guy

    Lock Them Up!

    Wiff.......what are you talking about?
  6. Big Guy


    Happy Birthday V! Let me buy ya some tea
  7. Big Guy

    Funny Picture thread

  8. Big Guy

    Survivor: Edge of Extinction

    same but she's third for me after Lauren & Wentworth