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  1. Big Guy

    Bernie Sanders is running for President 2020

    Everybody Candidate on the left is either bat guano loco or a fockin' commie. These aren't your Fathers Democrats
  2. "Theirs goes........boom boom boom boom ba doom boom Mine goes...........boom boom boom boom ba doom boom" 😜
  3. Big Guy

    My Post Count Went Way Down

    That's what she said
  4. Blacks are most likely offended because they're told to be, and whites, etc. are led like little sheep......weak & stupid dweebs
  5. Just like the Redskins logo outrage, it's most likely NOT the "victimized" people that are pushing this crap, it's the PC / NWO Agenda leaders behind it all.
  6. Big Guy

    You should watch the movie "Upgrade"

    Frustrating huh?........nobody answering, I'd like to know also and WTF it's about
  7. Big Guy

    I can't believe nobody even noticed

    well done..........and I DID notice.....just didn't comment about it.
  8. Big Guy

    Trump Approval Rating at 52%

    UN informed.......ooooooooh, I made a mistake
  9. Big Guy

    Trump Approval Rating at 52%

    Actually polls DO matter, that's why the Left fakes them all the time. It's all about mind control for the uninformed. So most likely his approval rating exceeds 52%, and it's clearly a sign they're losing bigger than ever. MAGA
  10. Big Guy

    Are you ready for some Football???? AAF style??

    I should have said, "At first glance all these Leagues have the same look & feel". I've only watch a half hour so far.
  11. Big Guy

    Game Stop

    Game Stop won the Internet the other day.
  12. Big Guy

    Are you ready for some Football???? AAF style??

    Also the Team Names & Logos all look like they were created by the same Graphics company.
  13. Big Guy

    Are you ready for some Football???? AAF style??

    I'm all for another League, but why does it always looks and feels the same? I think It would help give them credibility if they had ex NFL players that have names you've actually heard of. I was surprised see Mike Martz Coaching though.