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  1. Big Guy

    What happened to the St Pattys day appreciation thRedheads?

    The last I saw of it was when I mentioned about the featured chick being 30 lbs. overweight. lol
  2. Big Guy

    Here goes gas prices

    stupid SOB's........whatever the reason Funny how gas prices always go up, but rarely come down.
  3. Big Guy

    Funny Picture thread

  4. Big Guy

    Funny Picture thread

    so the "Funny Picture Thread" has turned into the "Funny Gif "or "Funny Meme" thread. way to stay within the lines boys lol
  5. Big Guy

    Padma Lakschmi

  6. Big Guy

    New Zealand Shooting

    Nope........you're thinking of the Goons on the left
  7. Big Guy

    New Zealand Shooting

    Because it's fake! You're insinuating ( Baaaa aaaaa ) that these puppets are inspired by Trump ( orange man bad ) and this is what the President advocates. All of his followers are in a secret white supremacist club and you're not. Ugh.........for all that is Holy, stop watching CNN!
  8. Big Guy

    The Clinton Body Count

    Such bad luck........what are the odds? Adviser Under Former Presidents Obama and Clinton Takes His Own Life: Reports https://www.theepochtimes.com/former-obama-clinton-economics-adviser-takes-his-own-life-reports_2843598.html?fbclid=IwAR3LomCXMftCcIZ7cX-up8-jAmO5vrZtf04Hf5naHvg6uoKhGplgg2X9YqM
  9. Big Guy

    Funny Picture thread

    Hey.......take it to the "Funny Gif" forearm 😁
  10. Big Guy

    Random lyric thread

    The Last Resort ~ Eagles I've ALWAYS loved that song and use the lyric quite often.
  11. Big Guy

    New Zealand Shooting

    things that make you hmmmm 😲 Or, you could just go along with what they want you to believe lol
  12. Big Guy

    Friendly reminder to all the haters

    Love Psych!
  13. So.........anybody know about McCain's Military Tribunal? Is it possible that's what happened to both him & Bush Sr.?