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  1. Big Guy

    Public Shaming

    Tucker's great and he's got a fine face but yeah the clip.... I'm sure there plenty of truth in there, because it's really long......I can't stand John Oliver, or anybody else on the left who constantly bashes the right and think they're funny doing it. They all sound the same to me, and it's all so predictable.
  2. Big Guy

    Funny Picture thread

    love me some Ren & Stimpy
  3. Big Guy

    Lipstick Prank

    I've seen a bunch of these through the years. They're real, but a spin off of the old Candid Camera show. They have much better pranks than this, but I thought it was pretty funny as well.
  4. Big Guy

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    I highly doubt it......but thought it was funny.
  5. Big Guy

    Dallas Cowboys 2018 & Beyond

    Highlights from last year, still looks pretty good
  6. Big Guy

    Here goes gas prices

    No, that's how gouging works. I'm just saying that whenever there's a catastrophe, for example prices will go up $1.00 per gallon, but when things settle down it will will only come down half of what it rose. Also, they've been handling fuel now for 100 years, there shouldn't be any crazy stuff going on.
  7. Big Guy

    What happened to the St Pattys day appreciation thRedheads?

    The last I saw of it was when I mentioned about the featured chick being 30 lbs. overweight. lol
  8. Big Guy

    Here goes gas prices

    stupid SOB's........whatever the reason Funny how gas prices always go up, but rarely come down.
  9. Big Guy

    Funny Picture thread

    so the "Funny Picture Thread" has turned into the "Funny Gif "or "Funny Meme" thread. way to stay within the lines boys lol
  10. Big Guy

    Padma Lakschmi